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Dr. Kent Hovind (April-19-2018) Tom and Other Sharing


Kenneth Copeland (April-19-2018) What Is Great Faith? What is great faith? That’s a great question! Today on Believer’s Voice of Victory, Kenneth Copeland will lead you to the answer. Great faith is not difficult and it’s not a mystery. Great faith is a simple act of trusting ...

Rick Renner (April-20-2018) Does God Ever Resist Anyone? We live in a day and age when the discipline of the Lord is rarely addressed from the pulpit. However, His discipline is a clearly taught biblical principle, and if we don’t respect it and willingly submit to it, we will...

Steven Furtick (April-19-2018) The Importance of Connection: Martin & Portia. “I didn’t know whether to be planning a funeral or a wedding.” Portia and Martin exemplify incredible faith, and we know their story will inspire you.


At Your Name (Yahweh Yahweh) - Jeremy Riddle | Bethel Music Worship

Frank Turek (April-19-2018) Does The Translation Of The King James Bible For The Truth Of Christianity Have Any Relevance? Addressed some issues regarding the translations of the Bible, especially the King James Bible, and its relation to the truth of Christianity.


TD Jakes (April-19-2018) Immature Christian. We're dealing with the issue of people living their lives and playing a role of being a victim in every area of their lives. If it's in one area, it's in every area is in their finances. It is in their personal life, is in the work ...

Is this what your church needs? April 19, 2018 - Jon Jorgenson. In the ministry world, it’s always “that time of year”. Maybe it’s Christmas. Maybe Easter’s coming up. Maybe you’re leading your congregation in a fundraising campaign or special discipleship launch. It could be ...

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