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Why didn’t Mary recognize the resurrected Jesus? - Frank Turek (May-24-2019). Frank Turek addresses one of the naturalistic hypotheses to explain the resurrection of Jesus.


Watch this deaf girl react to hearing for the first time! Her reaction will move you to tears! - Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (May-24-2019). 


Joyce Meyer (May-24-2019) Motivation: Give Your Filthy Coat to God. As a believer, you don't have to keep trying to be righteous. You're already made righteous in Christ! Joyce illustrates the message further with a "coat of filthy rags."


Michael Todd (May-24-2019) Sermon: Charged Up (Part 5). This message is from our "Charged Up" series about staying plugged into God, our power source, through a lifestyle of daily devotion.


Joseph Prince (May-24-2019) Sermon: None Of Us, All Of Christ! Not our sacrifices, but His sacrifice. Not our self-righteousness, but His righteousness. And not our accomplishments, but His superabounding grace! Enjoy a panoramic view of the Bible with Joseph Prince as he sh...

Charles Stanley (May-24-2019) Sermon: Great Faith v. Little Faith. From the Biblical account of David and Goliath, we see a picture of the great faith God intends for us.


Matt Hagee (May-24-2019) Sermon: Words that Work and Sayings that Don’t.

Pastor Matt asks, “Are you building your faith in God, or in fear?” Are you listening to what man has to say or drenching your life in the Word of God…a living document that breathes new life in...

TD Jakes sermon Ambidextrous God - online.

Spirit of the Living God fall as we delve into the word we come before you like jacob we come hungry we come


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