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Andrew Wommack (March-05-2021) Watch Message: Being Resolved

Andrew Wommack (March -03-2021) Charis Daily Live Bible Study: Speak Out

Andrew Wommack (February 9, 2021) Charis Daily Live Bible Study: Much More 

Andrew Wommack (February-06-2021) Watch Message: Continuing to Fight for Our Rights. Pastor Andrew Wommack joins Tom Newman tonight to discuss important issues of the church, as they continue to battle for their rights to worship. Listen as they discuss Wommack's current situation and plans for the future.

 Charis Daily Live Bible Study (February-03-2021) Andrew Wommack - Blessings and Cursings

Andrew Wommack (January-27-2021) Charis Daily Live Bible Study: 2020 Special Update

Andrew Wommack (January-19-2021) Watch Sermon: Where Do We Go From Here: Week 2, Day 1

In the 2020 elections, millions of Americans voted for candidates who supported ungodly policies. This represents a moral crisis in our nation. However, we have a solution—the Bible tells us everything we need to know about every moral and social issue in the world today. If we let the Bible inform our beliefs, we can impact our world for positive change.

In his teaching Where Do We Go from Here? Lessons from the 2020 Elections, Andrew will guide you through the lessons he learned from the elections and show you how to be the salt and light to the world that God is calling us to be. These lessons are not just for people in America. The entire world is in a spiritual battle. Some Christians think we should only talk about eternal things and not speak out on today’s issues. This is wrong, however. God committed truth to the church, and it is our responsibility to share truth with others.

Andrew Wommack (January-13-2021) Watch Sermon: How to Stay Positive

Monday, 04 January 2021 00:26

Andrew Wommack’s 2020 Annual Report

Andrew Wommack’s 2020 Annual Report. As we prepare for all God has for us in 2021, we wanted to take a moment and give you, our friends and partners, a small glimpse at some of the many ways your support has helped us change the world in 2020 – delivering hope when the world needed it the most.

Andrew Wommack (December-30-2020) Watch Message: Keep your heart from waxing cold

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