Jim Staley

Jim Staley

Pastor Jim has been married to Cheryl Staley since 1996 and has six daughters: Hannah, Sierra, Alayna, Meleah, Kylah, and Selah. For years, Jim was an evangelical Christian apologist in the St. Louis area, teaching Bible study classes as well as helping Christians learn to defend the Bible and evangelize. He then had a supernatural experience and introduction to understanding the Bible through the original authors’ mindset and those in the First Century Church.

Since 2007 he has dedicated his life to teaching others the same amazing life-changing truths that have transformed him and his family. Jim’s life’s desire is to help believers everywhere draw closer to the Father by understanding the truth of the scriptures from their original cultural context (a Hebraic perspective) and to apply them in faith for today. He has been featured on multiple Christian television networks throughout the country, is regularly spotlighted on WorldNet Daily, and his teachings and messages are heard daily and weekly on several radio stations around the country.

Jim Staley (March-03-2021) Watch Sermon: Struggling With The Fruits of the Spirit. Jim Staley talks about the fruits of the Spirit.

Jim Staley (February-19-2021) Watch Sermon: Receiving The Fire of God. This is an excerpt from the teaching Yom Teruah 2020 by Pastor Jim Staley.

Jim Staley (February-15-2021) Watch Sermon: The Galatians 5 Test. Jim Staley shares his experience in taking the Galatians 5 Test and will challenge you to do the same!

Jim Staley (February-11-2021) Watch Message: What is Jacob's Stone and The Stairway to Heaven really?

Jim Staley (February-09-2021) Watch Sermon: Fire, Water, Spirit. This is an excerpt from the teaching Yom Teruah 2020 by Pastor Jim Staley.

Jim Staley (February-07-2021) Watch Message: Take Control of Your Life Through This One Simple Character Fix! Jim Staley is interviewed by Rob Skiba and in this short video explains a single obscure passage in the Bible that unlocks the key to controlling every facet of your life.

Jim Staley (February-05-2021) Watch Message: Our Children Must Experience The Covenant For Themselves

Jim Staley (February-04-2021) Watch Message: The Difference Between Gifts and Their Anointing

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Jim Staley - Apologizes (February-02-2021)

Jim Staley  (February-02-2021) Watch Message: Apologizes. After spending 55 months in prison and leaving an internationally known ministry, Jim Staley opens his chest in this interview with Rob Skiba and apologizes for his mistakes.

Jim Staley (January-31-2021) Watch Sermon: Loving Your Neighbor No Matter What! In an interview with Rob Skiba, Pastor Jim opens up his chest about what happened to him in ministry and shares the power of restoration that happens when we love our neighbor as ourselves. And sometimes our neighbor is the ones that hurt us the most.

Jim Staley (January-27-2021) Watch Message: Prayer or Pain: Your Choice. Jim Staley unpacks exactly how to connect in a powerful way with the Father in this short clip from an interview with Rob Skiba.

Jim Staley (January-17-2021) Watch Sermon: Giving Control Back to God

Jim Staley (January-11-2021) Shemot Teaching. Join Jim Staley in a small group setting as he dives deep into this week’s Torah portion (Shemot) and reveals some amazing prophetic connections to what is happening right now in America.

Jim Staley (January-06-2021) Special Presidential Election Message! Prophecy in the making!

Jim Staley (January-04-2021) FINALLY tells all on the Rob Skiba show about his prison experience and how God used it! 

Jim Staley (November-20-2020) Watch Message: Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement. This is an excerpt from the teaching Yom Teruah 2020 by Pastor Jim Staley.

Jim Staley (November-15-2020) Yom Teruah 2020. Pastor Jim Staley teaching on Yom Teruah 2020.

Jim Staley (November-10-2020) Shavuot and Pentecost - The Giving of the Law and the Spirit

Jim Staley (November-06-2020) Watch Sermon: Why We Need To Know The Law. This is an excerpt from the teaching Yom Teruah 2020 by Pastor Jim Staley.

Jim Staley (September-24-2020) Short video from 2020 Yom Teruah message. Here’s a snippet of Pastor Jim's teaching on the Feast of Trumpets!

Jim Staley (August-29-2020) Watch Message: The Future of Passion for Truth!

Jim Staley and his wife share an exciting new announcement!
After five long years in the desert, the Father has allowed Jim and Cheryl to share a new and exciting announcement concerning the future of what ministry looks like in the coming years. This video will outline that vision and leave you excited about what is to come! This is your chance to be a part of something very special!

"Yes, indeed! I tell you that unless a grain of wheat that falls to the ground dies, it stays just a grain; but if it dies, it produces a big harvest."~John 12:24

Jim Staley (July-16-2020) Message: Pouring out your drink offering. Our body is mainly composed of water. We were told to pour out ourselves ... not for our own benefit, but for the benefit of other people. How do we make it? Find out the answer by watching this short passage from Pastor Jim Staley’s teaching "Life is a Journey "

Jim Staley (July-15-2020) Message: It's time to repair that which is broken! The archaeological findings of water jugs discovered throughout modern Israel are far more than just a piece of art or science, they are prophetic! Find out more by watching this short passage from Pastor Jim Staley’s teaching "Life is a Journey "

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Jim Staley says thank you (July-07-2020)

Jim Staley says thank you (July-07-2020). After an overwhelming response from the coming home video, Jim takes a minute to say thanks.

Jim Staley (June-28-2020) JIM STALEY IS FINALLY HOME! After 55 months of waiting for a miracle, the Way Maker has finally made a way! Jim is FINALLY home!! Hallelujah! Thank you, Father!!

Jim Staley (August-25-2019) Message: More than a hired servant. What is the difference between “blood-bought" servant and a hired servant? Find out the answer by watching an excerpt from Pastor Jim Staley's teaching "Torah Portion Emor".

Jim Staley (August-21-2019) - Islam and the mixture of iron and clay. This excerpt is from the teaching "End Of The Age - Babylon Destroyed and The Beast of Revelation".

Jim Staley (August-18-2019) Sermon: Destroying the enemy within. God is tired of Satan's hidden attacks on His people, both in Israel and within each of us. This excerpt is from Pastor Jim Staley’s teaching "When God Leads, we Move to our Knees!"

Jim Staley (March-31-2019) Passion Points - Discover how to sing the song of your life!

Discover the formula for how to move to the next level in your spiritual life. Listen to Pastor Jim Staley sharing one of the most impressive messages of the year. You will never look at the music and the number 8 as before, as it will show the hidden significance of the number 8 in Scripture and how it relates to the musical scale. And then, how the musical scale shows us how to actually overcome the trials in life and go to the next level! Taken from the Torah portion "Shemini" (in Hebrew, the word "eight").

The moment Jim Staley won the Sabbath Debate (Sept 21, 2018)

Aaronic blessing (May 25, 2018) - Cheryl Staley. 

Jim Staley - Torah portion Acharei Mot/Kedoshim. Pastor Jim Staley is teaching on this week's Torah Portion "Acharei Mot/Kedoshim" and some other Bible passages. This was filmed in Missouri on May 2, 2015

Jim Staley (April-07-2018) The Truth About Acts 15. The Jerusalem Council: Acts 15 In A New Light. Pastor Jim Staley explaining Acts 15 in its proper context. Acts 15:20, Acts 15:29, Acts 21:25, Faith, Salvation, Works, Circumcision, Law, Grace, Peter, James, Paul.

Jim Staley - "Lashon Hara" The Damage of Evil Speech. In this incredible teaching Pastor Jim teaches us the danger of the Evil Speech and how to close the doors to the enemy in this area.

Jim Staley - Torah Portion: Vayechi-Genesis 47:28-50:26 - Bible Study.

Pastor Jim Staley is teaching on Torah Portion "Vayechi" which means “and he lived.” (Genesis 47:28-50:26)

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Jim Staley - The Key to True Forgiveness

Jim Staley Sermon - The Key to True Forgiveness. This excerpt is from the teaching "To Forgive or Not To Forgive".

Jim Staley Sermon - Passion Points - The Garden Formula. From the Torah Portion B'resheet (Breisheet)

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If My People - Jim Staley

Sermon If My People by Jim Staley Sermon Ministries. How many times have you heard the statement, “It’s not about religion, it’s about a personal relationship?” Did you know that that statement is almost unbiblical? Our walk with The Father is definitely a relationship; however, it’s not a “personal” one only. YHVH (God) has a vision and a plan to change the world through his corporate people, Israel. Therefore, the enemy’s goal is to divide and conquer believers everywhere by getting them to focus on everything but what really matters. What better way to do that than to get us only focused on ourselves rather than fulfilling our role with the rest of the Body of Messiah?
Get ready for one of the most powerful and convicting messages you will ever hear as Pastor Jim dives into one of the most misunderstood verses in the Bible: 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
This teaching unpacks the power and full context behind that scripture and will leave you with the true road-map of how God can truly heal your land! 

Pastor Jim Staley teaches on fasting and prayer. As Christians, we want to get back to the roots of our Faith. We want to get back to how Yeshua (Jesus) and the apostles lived and taught. That’s what this movement is all about!

We've embraced the Torah, feasts, and the Sabbath. And all of those things are great. But, generally speaking, Believers today are missing an important piece of the puzzle: Fasting. Indeed, fasting connects us to our Christian Roots in an amazing way. And along with prayer and knowing/doing the Word of God, it is the most powerful spiritual weapon that Believers have.

Join pastor Jim Staley as he speaks on the power of fasting. You'll learn what fasting is, why it's so important, and when and how we should do it. Pastor Jim also shares some insights that he has learned through his own experience with fasting and addresses several misunderstood scriptures. May you be blessed by this message!

Torah Portion: Mishpatim - Exodus 21:1-24:18,
Pastor Jim returns teaches on this weeks Torah Portion
PFT Fellowship 1-29-11 

Jim Staley - Christmas, Hanukkah and the Antichrist. Pastor Jim talks about the Feast of dedication and how it relates to us as believers today. 

Ten Ancient Principles for Conflict Resolution - Jim Staley, Passion For Truth Ministries. This teaching from Pastor Jim Staley is one of the most practical and "useable" messages we've ever heard at PFT! YHVH (God) wants His people to succeed in every relationship, from marriages to business partnerships. Applying these simple Biblical principles to your everyday life will revolutionize how you interact with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Pull out the notepad and study this teaching...and get ready for YHVH to reveal himself in your relationships like never before!

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Jim Staley - Genesis 23 Becoming the Bride

Genesis 23 - Becoming the Bride - Jim follows the promptings of the Holy Spirit and teaches on Genesis 23. This message was presented at PFT Fellowship on 10-30-10.

This teaching series is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth teachings on the subject of giving in Christianity today. Pastor Jim Staley leaves no stone unturned as he delves into the scriptures to uncover what our Creator and Provider actually says about this deep topic.
In this teaching you will learn:
-What giving is and what the Bible says about money
-If tithing is for today
-How to give for the sake of the giver instead of giving for the sake of receiving
-How to get the most out of your marriage and relationships

...And much, much more!

Is the Law really against Grace? For the past 1800 years most of us have been taught that the Old Testament was "all about Law" and the New Testament is "all about Love." We might have even been led to believe that it was by "works" that those in the Old Testament were saved, and today we are saved by grace. Join Pastor Jim Staley as he uses Scripture to dispel the idea that Jesus pits one against the other in this exciting teaching. You will see that God hasn't changed. He still defines love the same way that He did in the Old Testament: through obedience to His Word.

Torah Portion: Va'era "I appeared"- This teaching is a "Must watch" and has already been voted on by PFT members as a Top Ten teaching! Jim starts off and explains the tremendous significance between how the Father revealed Himself to the Patriarchs as El Shaddai and to Moses now as Yahweh. He then goes through the 7 "I will's" of chapter 6 and shows the incredible prophetic connection to the 7 thousand years of human history. The conclusion is striking!

Torah Portion: Shemini (Eighth) This is one of my favorite sections of scriptures in all the bible. Instead of speaking on what he had planned, the Holy Spirit at the last minute moved Jim to speak on Leviticus 9-11. This is a very Spirit-inspired message of how the anointing of the High Priest and the required holiness laws relate to us today as believers. If you have any kind of ongoing struggle with any kind of sin, this message will give you a fresh perspective on how to get rid of that sin once and for all and become all that you were meant to be in Messiah.

"As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man" --Matthew 24:37
Who are the "sons of God" discussed in Genesis 6? Where did the giants of old come from, and where did they go? Why did God need to flood the Earth? And how does this all fit into Biblical prophecy?
Pastor Jim Staley goes to great length using the scriptures, the writings of Josephus, and the extra-biblical books of antiquity to uncover exactly who the "sons of God" are, who the "Nephilim" are, and how it all relates to the End of Days. This teaching pulls together Greek mythology, the La Azazel goat of Yom Kippur, fallen angels, roaming evil spirits, and even aliens. Not only is this teaching on-the-edge-of-your-seat fascinating, but it is also based in scripture and riddled with historical facts.

In a culture where businesses are open 24 hours a day, fast food is a regular diet, and both spouses in most families are working around the clock just to make ends meet, a day of rest is not even on the radar for many Christian households. But because the Sabbath is number four in the Ten Commandments, it is more important than ever for us to finally answer some of the most imperative questions of our time:
Is the Biblical Sabbath Relevant for today?
Does God even care on which day we celebrate it?
Who changed the Sabbath day: God or man?
Doesn't the New Testament tell us that we don't have to keep it anymore?
If the seventh-day Sabbath is for today, how do we keep it in today's culture?
Will we be keeping the Sabbath during the millennium?
This teaching goes into great depth to answer those questions and more! Join Pastor Jim Staley as he leaves no stone unturned and challenges even the brightest Biblical students to take a second look at what The Bible calls, "The seal of His people."