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Jesse & Cathy Duplantis (February-15-2021) Watch Message: Be Transformed by Love, Jesse and Cathy bring insight and revelation about the power of God’s love that will transform your life.

Faith the Facts: Never Lose Your Great Expectation - Jesse Duplantis (December-30-2020). This year of 2020 is coming to an end, and Jesse has an encouraging message to share with YOU! Watch this episode of Faith the Facts and remember to NEVER lose sight of your great expectation.

Faith the Facts: God Sent Jesus For All Mankind - Jesse Duplantis (December-23-2020). Jesus came for ALL people! Watch this timely message from Jesse and be blessed by the POWERFUL miracle of Jesus’ birth.

The Religion of Power, Part 1 - Jesse Duplantis, podcast (December-17-2020). There is EXTRAORDINARY power available to you as a Christian. Are you flowing in it? This classic Jesse message is right on time with revelation that will refresh and refill your spirit with Christ’s fullness. Your Christianity is a message of anointed power. Immerse yourself in it share it with others, everywhere you go!

Faith the Facts: Is Christ In Your Christmas? - Jesse Duplantis (December-16-2020). The Christmas season is upon us, and Jesse has an uplifting teaching just for you! Watch this spirit-filled message and remember that CHRIST is the reason for the season.

Faith the Facts: Emmanuel…God With Us! - Jesse Duplantis (December-09-2020). Do you know that God is with YOU? In this episode of Faith the Facts, Jesse shares some insight on the Christmas season and how Jesus is the LIGHT of the world.

The Business Meeting That Produced The Christmas Story, Part 2 - Jesse Duplantis (December-08-2020).  Do you realize that Christmas began with a business meeting? In this revelatory message, Jesse shares compelling truths that shed new light on the story of Christmas. You’ll be captivated as you learn how the Godhead came together before the creation of time not only to plan the birth of Christ, but also to give you your BEGINNING and your ETERNITY.

The Power of a Sound Mind, Part 1 - Jesse Duplantis, podcast (December-03-2020). Ever struggle with fuzzy thinking? Lack of memory? Overwhelming thoughts? Jesse is on the rescue with God’s prescription for a SOUND MIND. Learn how to claim the mind of Christ that belongs to you and enjoy more peace, clarity, and boldness. You have the power to change your mind and change your life!

JOIN Sunday Service with Jesse Duplantis, Live Stream (November-29-2020).

Faith the Facts: Thank You, Jesus! - Jesse Duplantis (November-25-2020). Are you THANKFUL for God’s abundant blessings? In this episode, Jesse teaches on how you can walk in thanksgiving every day of your life!

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