Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner (born 1949) is the Founder and Executive Director ofMorningStar Ministries, a multi-faceted mission organization which includesHeritage International Ministries, MorningStar University, The MorningStar Fellowship of Churches and Ministries and CMM/MorningStar Missions, an umbrella organization of over 500 missionaries in the field and over 10,000 churches, schools, and ministries around the world.

Joyner served in theNavyuntil 1970,and then moved back to Raleigh.He is reported to have worked part-time in a Raleigh jazz club after leaving the Navy, quitting when, as he put it, he "found out there is a God."Two years later he says he was asked to pastor a small church. He pastored there until 1980 when he left the ministry because "I maintain to this day that I was the worst pastor I have ever known." He subsequently moved toJackson, Mississippiand took a job as an airline pilot. Then he founded a charter air company in 1982. He built the company for five years. Joyner states that the business went bankrupt in a matter of mere weeks in 1987 and he lost a fortune.

Morningstar Ministries

Rick Joyner and his wife, Julie, founded MorningStar Ministries inJackson, Mississippiin 1985. By the mid-1990s Joyner was president of MorningStar Publications, located at that time inCharlotte, North Carolina. By 1994, Joyner appeared in news reports regarding his participation in plans to build a biblical theme park, in particular, withReggie White, who had been unsuccessful in his attempts to purchase the Heritage USA theme park property. In 1997 Joyner purchased 320 acres of land inWilkes County, North Carolinanear Moravian Falls and moved the headquarters of MorningStar there from Charlotte. In 2004 MorningStar purchased part of theHeritage USAcomplex (originally established by Bakker andPTL in Fort Mill, South Carolina) for $1.6 million. The complex has been renamed Heritage International Ministries Conference Center. Joyner also promotes the "Kingdom Business Association" which is located in the same complex. Christ’s Mandate for Missions (CMM) merged with MorningStar Missions in 2009.

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