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Frank Turek

Frank Turek is an American Christian author, public speaker and radio host. He is the author of two books (Correct, Not Politically Correct and Stealing from God) and co-author of two more with Norman Geisler (I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist and Legislating Morality). He hosts a call-in talk show called CrossExamined on American Family Radio. His television show, I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, airs on the NRB Network.

Frank Turek (February-19-2021) Ask your question via Skype to Frank (Part 2). We had such a blast answering your questions last week, we’re gonna do it again! So, if you missed your chance last week, set a reminder and join us for tomorrow’s Hope One show starting at 7:30 pm EST! Dr. Frank Turek and Jorge Gil will be ready to tackle the tough questions with you while throwing in a little fun too. See you there!

Frank Turek (February-18-2021) Watch Message: The Uncaused First Cause. 

The God of the Bible has some of the same attributes of Aristotle’s “unmoved mover” and many, if not all, of the attributes cited by great philosophers and theologians such as Augustine, Aquinas, and Anselm. In order to grasp that kind of God, you may need to renew your mind. If you are used to conceiving of God as a big angel or an old man in the sky, then drop the word God for a minute and simply think of the God of the Bible as the Source and Sustainer of all things. The Source and Sustainer of all things is:

▶️ Self-existing: not caused by another; the foundation of all being
▶️ Infinite: unlimited; the completely maximized or actualized Being
▶️ Simple: undivided in being; is not made up of parts
▶️ Immaterial: spirit; not made of matter
▶️ Spaceless: transcends space
▶️ Timeless: transcends time; eternal; had no beginning and will have no end
▶️ Omnipotent: all-powerful; can do whatever is logically possible
▶️ Omnipresent: everywhere present
▶️ Omniscient: all-knowing; knows all actual and possible states of affairs
▶️ Immutable: changeless; the anchor and standard by which everything else is measured
▶️ Holy: set apart; morally perfect; is perfectly just and loving
▶️ Personal: has mind, emotion, and will; makes choices.

Frank Turek - Are our hearts so dead we can’t accept Jesus? Tough discussion! Some Christians believe our hearts are so depraved that we would not and could not ever freely accept God without the Holy Spirit first softening our resolve against Him. Others say that leaving humans in a condition in which they could never accept Christ without God first intervening would be a contradiction to 2 Peter 3:9 in which it says that God does not want anyone to perish. It’s a tough discussion that needn’t divide us so long as we agree on the essentials. Solus Christus – Salvation is through Christ alone.

Frank Turek (February-15-2021) Watch: Why did God give us free will to reject Him? What!? Some people wonder why God gave us free will if He knew ahead of time that many would use it to reject Him. The simple answer is this: God didn’t want robots who had no choice but to love him. He knew better than anyone, that such a thing is not really love.

Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence? - Frank Turek (February-13-2021). If you believe in the Resurrection or the biblical miracles, skeptics will often dismiss your beliefs by saying that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Is that claim true? What does “extraordinary” mean? Do skeptics and atheists apply that standard to their own beliefs? In this show, Frank lays out some of the evidence for Christianity— some of which is extraordinary— and then examines the counterclaims of atheists. It turns out that atheist claims are extraordinary, yet they have no evidence for them! Frank also addresses these questions: Why is there evidence for anything? Why is does this orderly universe exist and why can our minds gather and understand that evidence? What best explains ordinary cause and effect? You might become amazed at the ordinary all around you.

Frank Turek (February-08-2021) Watch: Is Jesus a transformer? More than meets the eye! Do Christians worship three Gods? How does the Trinity actually work? How could Jesus not know when He would return? Frank has a handy diagram to help explain these questions and more!

Frank Turek (February-06-2021) Watch Message: Racism Doesn't Explain Everything. Why are women paid less on average than men for the same job? Is it sexism? Why do certain ethnic groups have worse outcomes than others? Is it racism? Why did Alberto Salazar beat Frank Turek by 43 minutes in the 1981 New York City Marathon? Was it discrimination? How do you discover the causes for different outcomes in life? Frank shows that true cause and effect regarding outcomes in our society is much more difficult to establish than those who chant slogans. There are hundreds of reasons why people wind up where they are. Discrimination may explain some of it, but our country has made great progress away from racism despite what current woke people say. Racism does not explain everything.

Frank Turek (February-03-2021) Was there death and suffering before Adam and Eve? Doesn’t the Bible say that death came through the sin of Adam? If so, how could there be death before Adam fell? The answer is that we’re not reading the Bible carefully enough or in context.

Frank Turek (February-01-2021) Watch Message: When the word 'Jesus' splits your family. What then? What do you say to someone, even a family member, who tells you to keep your religion to yourself? They seem angry that you’re a Christian. Frank has a suggestion.

Paul Burtwell interviews Frank Turek (January-27-2021) Why do you think God exists and Christianity is true? Paul Burtwell interviews Frank Turek and covers a lot of ground about the evidence for God, Christianity, why atheism makes reason impossible, what derails us, how we can achieve happiness, and more.

Frank Turek (January-27-2021) Jesus never said anything about that? You hear people saying Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. That’s actually not true. He did, but how so? What does the NT, and particularly Jesus, say about homosexual behavior, and sexual behavior in general?

Frank Turek (January-20-2021) What does the BIBLE say about HOMOSEXUALITY? You hear people saying Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. That’s actually not true. He did, but how so? What does the NT, and particularly Jesus, say about homosexual behavior, and sexual behavior in general?

Frank Turek (January-18-2021) Scariest verse in the Bible. Watch this! Is there an age of accountability? What is it and does the Bible say anything about it? Can you be more guilty for some sins than others, or is all sin the same? Frank offers a short answer to these related questions.

Frank Turek (January-13-2021) Watch: Are miracles and tongues current today? Frank addresses the question about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts and how they may look today. Particularly, the difference between the gift of miracles vs. the fact of miracles.

Frank Turek (January-11-2021) How could some Angels have sinned if they were in Heaven? Frank answers questions about free will in Heaven including why, if heaven is perfect, any of the angels, such as Lucifer, would choose to leave.

Why doesn't the Bible say anything about dinosaurs? In this video, Frank answers a young boy's question about the lack of mention of dinosaurs in the Bible.

Frank Turek (December-21-2020) Watch: Will there be sex in Heaven? Inquiring minds want to know. Frank addresses one of Jesus’s statements on there being no marriage in Heaven. Does that mean there’s no sex? How can Heaven be any good then? (BTW, marriage illustrates our ultimate union with Christ— the church is the bride of Christ.)

Frank Turek (December-16-2020) "The writing dead" NOT coming to a bible near you! Did “the church” leave these inconvenient gospels out? What were they hiding?

Frank Turek (December-14-2020) Did Jesus have a doorknob? Watch this! Are Christians being inconsistent when they say some passages are literal and others not? Frank responds to this question from a student at the University of Nebraska.

Frank Turek - What Do the Jewish People Want to Ignore? Watch This! If you could use only one OT prophecy of Jesus, what would it be?

Frank Turek - The Genesis story an attack on other ancient gods! Watch and find out why! Was the creation account written to modern people? How are we supposed to interpret a document written to people who lived 3,000 years ago?

Frank Turek (November-30-2020) Can cult beliefs lead to atheism? Yes! What approach should you take with people who are in theological cults such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons? What question might you ask?

Frank Turek - Why would YOU want kids if they are going to do evil? A student asks this question, but the student gets the question turned back on him and he laughs.

Frank Turek (November-23-2020) Dude left Taoism in less than 3 minutes! A student claiming to be a Taoist says that good and evil are just concepts and that we should “flow with the universe and not resist anything.” When Frank asks him if he would resist the Nazis, the student gives a surprising response.

Frank Turek (November-18-2020) Cody’s Final Strike: “Why doesn’t God Stop Rape?” Cody is back to ask another difficult question, this one about rape. What he doesn’t realize is that he is assuming God exists by even asking the question. Frank explains why, and asks Cody if he’d read Frank’s book (FYI: Unfortunately, Frank hasn’t heard back from Cody.

Frank Turek - YOU would not have BELIEVED Jesus either! Why didn’t the disciples believe Jesus rose from the dead initially? Would you have? Frank answers but citing Jewish beliefs about resurrection and the fact that they were no apt to believe in such a thing until the end of time.

Frank Turek (November-11-2020) Watch Message: DO you need to ASSUME the BIBLE is true to prove it? Why do some people suggest that you need to assume God and the Bible is true in order to prove the Bible is true? Isn’t that circular? Frank addresses presuppositional apologetics.

Monday, 09 November 2020 10:17

Truth Quest - Frank Turek

Frank Turek - Watch short Video: Truth Quest. 

In the first chapter of his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul revealed this tendency we humans have to "suppress the truth" about God in order to follow our own desires.

Are people on a Truth quest? Are people on a Truth quest? How people are living shows that they are pursuing "a truth" that fits them. And that's not how it works.

Frank Turek (November-08-2020) Watch Message: The Election and Why Socialism Doesn't Work. How should Christians react to an election that they think may be fraudulent, regardless of who they support? How should we treat those who disagree with us politically? Despite the political upheaval, what will, thankfully, never change in the Christian’s life?

Frank Turek (November-04-2020) A truth about God your Bible study group may not believe! How can a good God cause pain? Does He? As a parent you would never… oh, wait, maybe I would.

Frank Turek - How can you trust anything without free will? An atheist acknowledges that he might be a moist robot but then can’t seem to see that he shouldn’t believe anything is true. Frank points out that when you deny God and/or free will you deny your ability to know anything.

Frank Turek (October-28-2020) Will a Skeptic agree that the First Cause has to be Personal? A skeptic presses Frank on why the Creator has to be personal. After all, why couldn’t a non-personal force has created the universe?

Frank Turek (October-26-2020) Watch Message: Do we all have a moral compass? A skeptic questions whether objective morality exists. Why is it most reasonable to conclude that it does?

Frank Turek - Does Jesus Trump Your Politics? A Warning to America. 

The Dem & Rep Platforms in 3 minutes - Frank Turek (October-23-2020). 

Frank Turek (October-22-2020) What’s the most racist thing we do in America?

Frank Turek (October-22-2020) Watch Message: Does Jesus Trump Your Politics?

Frank Turek (October-21-2020) Abortion or Poverty: What’s the More Important Political Issue?

Frank Turek (October-20-2020) The Video That Will Change Your Mind About Abortion

Frank Turek (October-19-2020) The Best Bible Argument Against Abortion. Frank shows you what the best argument against abortion is.

Frank Turek (October-17-2020) Watch Sermon: What would Jesus say to Politicians today? Jesus' words against the politicians of his day are not something that should only be applied to the past.

Frank Turek (October-12-2020) "Dr. Turek, would you kill your family?", Cody strikes again! An aggressive atheist asks Frank if he would kill his family if God told him to, and then further questions Frank about killing the Canaanites. What would you do? And isn’t God barbaric for ordering these things in the Old Testament?

How can the church recover its influence? - Frank Turek (October-07-2020). Frank explains why the church has a problem with making more disciples and it has to do with anti-intellectualism.

Frank Turek - Impossible things for God: Honest politicians and square circles. Can God create logically impossible things? Tim Stratton and Frank Turek answer.

Monday, 07 September 2020 10:16

Did God create man out of pride? - Frank Turek

Frank Turek - Watch Message: Did God create man out of pride? Frank Turek and Tim Stratton respond to the charge that God is filled with pride and demands that we bow down to Him. Is that really loving of God?

Frank Turek (July-22-2020) Will speaking in tongues save you?

Is SMOKING WEED right if the law permits it? - Frank Turek (July-06-2020). In many states in our country (USA) the legalization of marijuana is becoming "the law of the land" so are we as Christians supposed to start thinking that this is OK because now it's lawful to consume it? Watch Frank deliver a quick one-two punch answer to this question!  "[This] I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh." (Gal 5:16 KJV)

What I Learned from my Father's Death - Frank Turek, Podcast (July-05-2020). In this very personal podcast, Frank reveals the lessons he’s learned from his Father’s recent death. He also reflect on C.S. Lewis’s argument from desire, and how Christianity makes the best sense of our intuitions.

S2E1: What I Learned from my Father's Death - Frank Turek (July-02-2020).

Contradictions in the Bible? Sure? Watch THIS! - Frank Turek (July-02-2020). Rachel is quite sharp but she’s also puzzled about Frank’s statements in relation to the gospel accounts being “eyewitness testimony”. She thinks they are just made up stories full of contradictions, but when Frank turns the tables on her, she… well, watch and see.

A Conversation About Racism Between Black and White Christians - Podcast with Frank Turek (June-28-2020).

Podcast with Frank Turek (June-21-2020) What does sex mean? What does sex mean according to the Supreme Court? Frank identifies and expounds upon 5 Casualties in the Court’s LGBTQ Sex Ruling: - We the People - Women - LGBTQ People - 96% of the Population - Religious Freedom

Frank Turek (June-17-2020) Message: Religion or Atheism? Which causes more deaths? Historically speaking it appears that humans are wired to believe in God, at least that's what the record shows. So, do we have any examples of societies that prefer an atheistic worldview? You don't want to miss Frank's answer to this question!

Frank Turek (June-15-2020) Defund the police? Defund the police is one of the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement. Is that the right solution to racism in the police force? Should we defund all doctors if some commit malpractice? What does BLM believe? How do they compare with the teaching of Christ? Can you believe that black lives matter yet oppose some of BLM’s political goals? Frank looks at human nature, crime stats and the scriptures to get some answers. He also addresses some of the contradictory assertions we hear from Left. This is an important show for these tense times!

The Cure for Racism - Frank Turek, podcast (June-07-2020). Frank and J.Warner Wallace address the racism issue head on by answering: How can two white guys talk about this, especially when one is a cop? How has the debate about racism changed in the social media age? How has the use of data increased our polarization? Regardless of quarrels over data, what is true about the vast majority on both sides? What is the real root of racism? What can government do about this? What is the real cure for racism?

Frank Turek - Evolution needs GOD... if it was true

Frank Turek - You want Heaven but not Jesus?! Is it FORCE love if God is only giving you ONE way to heaven? Or maybe you just want "YOUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY" ... What do you think?

Frank Turek (May-28-2020) Jesus paid it all? How could he atone for my sins? How is it just for a judge to punish someone else rather than the criminal himself? Frank responds.

Frank Turek (May-25-2020) Atheist morality... good without God? Are you saying that an atheist doesn’t know morality or can’t be moral unless he believes in God? Why do you need to God for morality?

Reflecting on Ravi with Abdu Murray (PODCAST) - Frank Turek (May-24-2020). Frank reflects on the life of the late great Ravi Zacharias, with Abdu Murray, the Senior VP of RZIM and author of the new book with Ravi titled Seeing Jesus From the East. You can reflect on Ravi’s life as well by leaving your tributes at where you can also make a donation to advance their ongoing work.

Frank Turek - How can we know truth? Watch this! This young man, who may be a presuppositionalist, suggests that we must start with the Bible to know anything, including the laws of logic. Frank shows why that would be impossible. In fact, you need to know the laws of logic, and many other things, before you can even know what the Bible means.

Frank Turek (May-19-2020) Thank you Ravi. A tribute to the life and teaching of Dr. Ravi Zacharias

Frank Turek (May-19-2020) Titanic sinking contradiction. How can the Bible be inerrant and yet the resurrection accounts disagree? Are disagreements errors? Does the whole Bible go down with them? An example from the Titanic helps answer this.

Frank Turek (May-12-2020) God doesn't force anyone to love Him. If you ask someone, “If Christianity were true, would you become a Christian?” and they say “no!”, what do you say or do? Frank has some suggestions.

Frank Turek (May-05-2020) Is Islam false? Watch this! In 5 minutes, Frank gives an overview of why Islam cannot be the true theistic religion. David Wood amplifies Frank’s point to show that regardless of the truth of Christianity, Islam is certainly false because of the contradictory claims the Qur’an says about the Bible

Frank Turek - What you can learn from Dawkins? Do you ever learn from such people? Frank learns from a brilliant atheist.

Monday, 27 April 2020 09:22

It’s okay to have doubts - Frank Turek

Frank Turek - Message: It’s okay to have doubts. Couldn’t God convince each of us He’s real? So why doesn’t He do that? Frank answers by recounting an insight from philosopher Soren Kierkegaard and the apostle James.

Frank Turek (April-14-2020) Isn’t morality just based on what’s good for society? Why do we need God for morality when we can just do what’s good for society? Frank points out the flaws in that thinking.

Frank Turek (April-09-2020) Can Science explain everything? NO! When faced with the evidence for the beginning of the universe, atheists say we should give science more time rather than saying God did it. If space-time and matter really did have a beginning, here’s why giving science more time will never work.

Frank Turek (April-08-2020) Baptism is not going to save you. Christians often disagree over this issue, but Frank gives two reasons for his conclusion about it.

Frank Turek (April-07-2020) Tell the truth about morality. What do you say to someone who claims that he doesn’t even know murder is wrong?  First of all, you do know, and second, knowing isn’t the issue.  Something else is.  Frank explains.

Frank Turek (April-02-2020) Message: Hope thru evil. How can good come from an evil like the coronavirus? Frank offers some answers and answers your questions.

Frank Turek (March-30-2020) Challenge: Jesus never claimed to be God! Jesus never claimed to be God! Name one place where Jesus unequivocally claims to be God. Frank responds.

Frank Turek (March-29-2020) Evil is a powerful argument FOR God. Many are asking the questions, “If there is a good God, why does he allow viruses? Why doesn’t he stop evil?” In fact, some are claiming that evil proves that God doesn’t exist.

Frank Turek (March-26-2020) Does Love Require Approval? In this message, Dr. Frank Turek confronts is with the question, “Who is your commanding officer?” Everyone submits to their commanding officer; it is for you to decide whether that commanding officer is the Lord or if it is your flesh.

Frank Turek (March-25-2020) BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.You can have either hope or despair. In this daily livestream, Dr. Frank Turek provides hope during this crisis by countering fear with facts, answering your questions, and interviewing the most helpful experts.

This Hope One livestream is part of a larger joint initiative called Operation Inoculation by three organizations:,, and Collectively we are providing free resources and those with dramatically reduced pricing to get people the truth during the present crisis.  

Frank Turek (March-24-2020) GOD IS GOOD! Drowning people from the beginning of time? Does God torture people? Hell is torment, not torture. But what about the flood? Was that immoral of God?

Frank Turek (March-20-2020) Message: Is it time to run and hide?

Is it time to run and hide? Should you cut yourself off from other people because of the coronavirus? Is the level of concern reasonable or overblown?

Dr. Dan Eichenberger, MD, is Frank’s guest, and he gives a shot of sanity into our sensationalized environment. Among the questions he and Frank investigate:

· What is unique about the coronavirus? Is this anything new?
· How deadly is it?
· Up to 50,000 people in the US will die of the flu this year. How many from the coronavirus?
· What will most who get the virus experience?
· Does it make sense to shut all large gatherings down, including church services?
· If you were a benevolent dictator of America, what would you do?

Frank looks to the scriptures and other Christians (including C.S. Lewis) for how Christians should live in the face of risk. The truth is, we always live with the threat of death. All of us also have a virus called sin. Christians know the cure, and people right now might be more open to considering that cure.  

Frank Turek - Was the Jesus story copied from ancient myths? You read on the internet of dying and rising gods who supposedly have many of the same characteristics of Jesus: virgin born, 12 disciples, died and rose from the dead, etc. Are those really true? Is the Christian story just another myth that copied from those? Frank responds and gives you the right questions to ask anyone who makes any claim.

Frank Turek (March-09-2020) Why did God create in six days and not instantly? If God is all powerful, why did it take him six days to create? Couldn’t he have created everything instantly? Frank cites a reason many scholars often give.

Frank Turek - Is there a second chance after death? On April 30, 2019 there was a shooting in a UNC Charlotte classroom. Two people died and four were injured. The following semester Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Rice Broocks to reach the hurting students and answer their questions. Since God wants all to be saved and we have incomplete information in this life, will God give us a second chance after death? Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Rice Broocks respond that what keeps most people out of the Kingdom is not their head but their heart.

Frank Turek - Why doesn’t God heal everyone? On April 30, 2019, there was a shooting in a UNC Charlotte classroom. Two people died and four were injured. The following semester Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Rice Broocks to reach the hurting students and answer their questions. One student brought a challenge from atheist Sam Harris: why would God heal some people but not thousands of others? He supposedly heals someone’s back, but thousands of children die? How is that loving? Frank Turek and Rice Broocks respond.

Frank Turek (February-26-2020) Live from University of Nebraska Omaha. I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist with Frank Turek.

Live from University of Nebraska Lincoln - Frank Turek.

Frank Turek Live from University of Nebraska Lincoln. I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist with Frank Turek.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 08:32

The best way to fight evil - Frank Turek

Frank Turek - The best way to fight evil. On April 30, 2019 there was a shooting in a UNC Charlotte classroom. Two people died and four were injured. The following semester Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Rice Broocks to reach the hurting students and answer their questions. Here Dr. Broocks reveals what he believes is the best way to fight evil. It happens one person at a time.

Frank Turek (February-25-2020) Live from University of Nebraska Kearney (Kearney, NE). I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist with Frank Turek.

Is there a moral compass beyond us? - Frank Turek. On April 30, 2019, there was a shooting in a UNC Charlotte classroom. Two people died and four were injured. The following semester Dr. Frank Turek and Dr. Rice Broocks to reach the hurting students and answer their questions. One student asked a question about how to show someone that an objective moral standard exists. Here is Frank’s short answer.

Frank Turek - Why are there so many denominations? Is God not clear enough, or are there so many denominations because there are so many people? Frank reveals that the issue isn’t so much Protestant or Catholic, but something far more serious.

Frank Turek - The one question to ask someone who is for abortion. You will see where the heart of the person is if you ask this one question. If the person believes that it’s acceptable to kill innocent human beings, no arguments or evidence will work. Only prayer.

Frank Turek - Live from Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, TX). I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist with Frank Turek.

Frank Turek - What about the ending of Mark’s Gospel? Mark 16:9-20 is not in the earliest manuscripts. What are we to make of this? Can we trust the New Testament or not?

Should women be silent in the church? - Frank Turek. A woman yells out a question out of turn about whether women should be silent in the church. Frank responds (and recommends “The Big Book of Bible Difficulties” by Norman Geisler and Tom Howe).

Frank Turek - Why don’t we obey the Old Testament laws against eating shrimp? Why do we obey some commands in the Old Testament but not others? Frank responds.

Wednesday, 05 February 2020 08:26

Why suggest multiple universes? - Frank Turek

Frank Turek - Why suggest multiple universes? The fine-tuning of this universe is so extreme that atheistic scientists are speculating that other universes exist. Frank shows why that theory doesn’t work.

Where did the laws of nature come from? - Frank Turek. Why are there laws of physics, and why are they so consistent and precise? Since laws come from lawgivers, they appear to be the product of a mind.

Monday, 03 February 2020 08:11

Is God a Moral Monster? - Frank Turek

Frank Turek - Is God a Moral Monster? Frank responds to a skeptic claiming that the Old Testament supports slavery.

Frank Turek - I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist LIVE from Ohio State University

Frank Turek - How could Satan have sinned when he was in Heaven?

Frank Turek - Who is the smartest person you ever debated? Frank names the smartest people he’s debated. You may be surprised who is number one!

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