Jimmy Evans

Jimmy Evans

Jimmy Evans is an American pastor and a published author who takes the complicated subject of victory and makes it understandable. He serves as senior pastor at Gateway Church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. He also serves as a senior elder of Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas, and is the founder and CEO of MarriageToday, a ministry involved in preaching and ensuring the sanctity of marriage.

The Kings University, a Christian University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, granted Jimmy an honorary doctorate in literature. He is currently spending his time between Marriage Today’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and Amarillo, Texas.

Jimmy Evans (October-06-2021) Watch End Times Teaching: Exposing the Antichrist Spirit | Tipping Point. There is a spirit from hell that is affecting every single person. Today I share how you can overcome it. I also talk about the new law passed in California regarding parent's possession of children.

Jimmy and Karen Evans - Watch Sermon: How to Date & Successfully Marry. Learn how to be prepared for marriage by having a purposeful and deliberate approach to dating.

Jimmy Evans (September-29-2021) Watch End Times Teaching: Escaping the Deception of Evolution | Tipping Point. Today I reveal the three major problems with the idea of evolution and how the devil tries to strip us of our divine identities and destinies.

Jimmy and Karen Evans - Watch Sermon: The Right (and Wrong) Way to Date. The Right One is for those who are intent on finding and marrying the person that God desires for them. It is for people who believe they may have found their true love, but are committed to going into marriage with their eyes wide open. It’s for those who are contemplating marriage and excited about their future but care enough about themselves and their partner to make their relationship all that it can possibly be. It is also for those who have yet to find the “right one,” but are intent on not wasting time on the wrong one.

Jimmy Evans (September-22-2021) Watch End Times Teaching: Escaping End Times Deception | Tipping Point. With all the deception happening in the world today, how can we know that we won't be deceived?

Jimmy Evans (September-16-2021) Watch Message: Worship commandment truth. If you've ever felt stagnant in your worship of God, listen as Pastor Jimmy Evans exposes the hindrances that will block you from worshiping in Spirit and in truth and what you can do to overcome them!

Jimmy Evans (September-15-2021) Watch End Times Teaching: Until Jesus Returns | Tipping Point. Today I share what we as Christians can do as we wait for the return of Jesus. We must stay on the offense and not on the defense.

Jimmy and Karen Evans (September-12-2021) Watch Message: The Five Fallacies of Faith. The courage and power that Abraham walked in are accessible to us today.

Jimmy Evans (September-16-2021) Watch Live Workshop: The Healing Power of Forgiveness. All of us have people in our past who have hurt or disappointed us. You may be thinking of someone in your life right now who is actively hurting you now. Forgiveness is the mother of all issues related to emotional & mental health.
Join us live as Jimmy teaches us how to heal through forgiveness. He will also be answering your questions live.
This workshop is part of Jimmy Evan’s new book 21 Day Inner Healing Journey. Workshop attendees will get a special discount code for this book.

Jimmy Evans (September-08-2021) Watch Sermon: God vs. Government | Tipping Point - End Times Teaching. Dr. Mark Hitchcock joins me today to talk about what is happening in the Middle East and Russia and how it relates to the end times. I also share how we can deal with government infringing on our religious beliefs.

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