Sermons, Bible studies and middle east updates by Amir Tsarfati 2020

Sermons, Bible studies and middle east updates by Amir Tsarfati 2020

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Amir Tsarfati (September-21-2020) Bible Bite: Through The Fire.  The Bible teaches that a day will come when all of our thoughts, motives, and intentions are going to be revealed and tested. My prayer for you and I is that we live our lives for Christ so that on that day we hear Him say "Well done, good and faithful servant."


Amir Tsarfati (September-20-2020) Bible Bite: The Soon Return of Jesus .


Amir Tsarfati (September-19-2020) Watch Message: Who Are the Real Jews?  Despite God fulfilling His promise to take the Jews from among the nations and restore them to their land, skepticism regarding the identity of the real Jews continues - from within the Church. Is the Israel we're witnessing today nothing more than the result of a satanic plot, or is it the activity of a miracle-working, covenant-keeping God? What is a Jew? What happened ...

Amir Tsarfati (September-18-2020) Watch Message: Israel: A Nation Before God. The way you treat Israel is a way for God to see how you treat every other aspect of His word. We cannot pick and choose what we like and don't like. If you do that with Israel, you'll do that with every other part of the Bible.


Amir Tsarfati (September-15-2020) Middle East Update with Pastor Barry Stagner. Join Amir and Pastor Barry Stagner for a live Middle East Update, where they will be discussing Washington's ceremony for the Middle East Peace Deal.


Amir Tsarfati (September-14-2020) Bible Bite: A Future Event.  It's amazing how God used the prophets of Israel. What's also amazing is that we now see before our very eyes what Ezekiel wrote about.


Amir Tsarfati (September-13-2020) Bible Bite: Peace.  Before sin entered the world, it was in perfect peace and harmony. My prayer for you is that you would live your life on earth in a relationship with the Messiah Jesus Christ and, that you would live in heaven with Him for all eternity in perfect peace

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Amir Tsarfati is an outstanding person who is actively engaged in promoting biblical teachings to the wide audience. The international teacher started his activities in 1999. Participating in international conferences and speeches in churches made the preacher popular. Amir Tsarfati sermons 2020 address important topics for the pastor. His teachings are dedicated to realization of the situation in Israel from the point of view of biblical teachings.

Amir Tsarfati journey

 The preacher was born in Israel, and he’s still living here today. The mandatory military service in the Israeli troops could not affect Amir's plans. Despite the status of a major in reserve, the teacher remained true to himself and strove to work with people. In his life, the preacher changed several jobs:

  • tour guide in Israel;
  • Head Guide of Sar El Tours;
  • CEO of Sar El Tours and Conferences.

After creating a non-profit organization, where Amir Tsarfati bible studies have started, the preacher devoted his time to providing true information on the situation in his home country. “Behold Israel” has an important mission: the organization compiles reports on events in its domestic region. Each Amir Tsarfati revelation is based on Bible teachings, and his sermons reveal the true state of things.

This project developed the official Amir’s website, the free mobile application for followers and social networks accounts. The sermons of the Israeli teacher can be watched and read at any time. It’s easy to find the teachings on Amir Tsarfati youtube cahnnel, while translation of the teachings into several languages ​​allows to convey knowledge to the hearts of every person on the planet.

Amir Tsarfati videos covers important topics. Assessment of the situation are held from the biblical point of view and considering the prophetic publications. The preacher believes that fellowship with God will help people find the right path and clearly follow God’s plan.

What does Amir Tsarfati teach about?

 Amir Tsarfati 2020 preachings can often be attended at conferences, in churches and seminars. In his sermons, he focuses on burning topics for his followers. Amir Tsarfati is an Israeli who shares his point of view. He combines biblical stories, current events, and prophecies; they all help the preacher shed light on the mysteries of recent years.

Amir Tsarfati middle east updates us that there are now various testimonies of the imminent return of Christ to earth. However, you can learn other useful information from the sermons, for example:

  1. God's plans for the world and you;
  2. barriers that hide the truth from you;
  3. importance of God's influence on human life.

Each Amir Tsarfati “Behold Israel” update helps his followers find a way out of difficult situations, accumulate strength to overcome various obstacles in their lives. By letting God into their hearts, every Christian is given the opportunity to improve their life for the better. Bible is a universal source of life advice, which you should follow in difficult times.

For activities and sermons, see the Amir Tsarfati unofissial website. Join the friendly family of his followers and get the opportunity to meet an international teacher!