Amir Tsarfati's Testimony: Hear, O Israel (January-17-2021)

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Sunday, 17 January 2021 15:04

Amir Tsarfati's Testimony: Hear, O Israel (January-17-2021)

Amir Tsarfati was born in Israel to a Jewish family that did not want him. Although he loved his nation, he saw no hope for himself. He decided to end his life.

When he was about to commit suicide, he became convinced to give the world one last chance. That week, his friend’s family ended their dinner prayer: "B'shem Yeshua (In the name of Jesus)."

He was shocked.

Why pray in the name of Jesus? Jews believe in the God of Israel. Is God not enough? 

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Amir Tsarfati's Testimony: Hear, O Israel (January-17-2021)
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Founder & President Behold Israel.

Amir Tsarfati was born in Jerusalem, Israel, to a Jewish family. He grew up in that region and has lived in Israel all his life. While fulfilling his military duty, Amir served as the deputy governor of Jericho, and was part of the unit that negotiated and coordinated with the Palestinians during the Israeli withdrawal from the city. Following his military service, Amir studied at Israel’s School ...

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