Removed Before Wrath - Amir Tsarfati Teaching

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Friday, 14 October 2022 15:01

Watch Amir Tsarfati Teaching - Removed Before Wrath.

For those who believe in the reality of the rapture - the catching away of the church to be with Christ forever - the disagreement doesn't concern what, but when. Is the wrath of God just a general term, or is it a specific period of time? Are believers appointed to experience at least a portion of God's wrath? How is your understanding of the character of God impacted based on what you believe about the future? Join Amir on a tour from Genesis to Revelation as he makes a scripturally-based case for the pre-tribulation rapture of the church

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Removed Before Wrath - Amir Tsarfati Teaching
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  • Comment Link Bette Morrow Saturday, 15 October 2022 13:39 posted by Bette Morrow

    Thank you once again Amir for your intense teaching on this subject and rightly so. The anger and wrath of God is not something to be endured, for He gives us His Word, teaching us to be wise in His Ways and embrace His Truths. As with all 'trips' plans and preparations must be made if the destination is to be pleasant and rewarding. May we as 'believers' in Y'Shuah Messiah as our Saviour make and prepare our plans to be "Rapture Ready." May we be wise in the ways of God and not leave details of such to happenstance. Our God is Good and does not want to see a single one left behind to endure the judgment meant for the Anti-Messiah and his followers. Today is the 'Day' of Grace and God's, 'He that has ears to hear and eyes to see, be alert and attentive. Blessed Be Our Gracious and Loving God....Amen

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