Proverbs - Week 1, Day 2 - The Gospel Truth - Andrew Wommack

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Saturday, 30 June 2018 04:53

Andrew Wommack - Proverbs Bible Study - Week 1, Day 2 - The Gospel Truth - (1-Feb-2018).

Welcome to our Tuesday's broadcast of the Gospel Truth. Today, I'm continuing a series… about the book of Proverbs. Solomon said that if we would understand these proverbs it would give us wisdom, discretion, understanding, justice, judgment, subtlety, all of these things that are in very short supply in our world today. We ought to be more concerned about how we look spiritually and our attitude than we are about our physical appearance. Life is not about all you can get and then you get all you can, then you can all you get, and then you just sit on your can and wait for your time to be up.  God is trying to get wisdom to people.

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Proverbs - Week 1, Day 2 - The Gospel Truth - Andrew Wommack
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