Truth & Liberty - Week 1, Day 3 - The Gospel Truth - Andrew Wommack (June-20-2018)

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018 05:53

Andrew Wommack (June-20-2018) Truth & Liberty - Week 1, Day 3 - The Gospel Truth

00:09 Today, Andrew continues to present what is at stake for you in the battle for America with special guests David Barton and Lance Wallnau.

3:26 We have enough Christians in America to be able to sober up any corporation when it decides it wants to lean left and make a statement. But they won't get involved.

4:24 The worse-case scenario is that our negligence allows the devil to create the world that we're living in till we go to meet Jesus, and that wasn't God's intention.

19:19 Before Trump was elected…in the 28 years leading up to Trump, cloture was invoked 17 times in those 28 years. Trump's been in office 15 months, or 16 or 18 months, cloture has been invoked 79 times.

20:46 Don't say that the Trump administration can't get anything done. Say that the 49 democrats are blocking every single thing.

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Truth & Liberty - Week 1, Day 3 - The Gospel Truth - Andrew Wommack (June-20-2018)
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