Rick Renner

Rick Renner

Rick Renner is a prolific author and a highly respected Bible teacher and leader in the international Christian community. He is the author of more than 20 books, including the bestsellers Dressed To Kill and Sparkling Gems From the Greek.

In 1991, Rick and his family moved to what is now the former Soviet Union. Two years later, he and his wife Denise founded the Riga Good News Church in Latvia before moving on to Moscow in 2000 to found the Moscow Good News Church. In 2007, the Renners also launched the Kiev Good News Church in the capital of Ukraine. Both the Riga and Kiev churches continue to thrive and grow.

Today Rick is the senior pastor of the Moscow Good News Church, as well as the founder and director of the Good News Association of Pastors and Churches with nearly 800 member churches. In addition, Rick is the founder of Media Mir, the first Christian television network established in the former USSR that today broadcasts the Gospel to a potential audience of 110 million people. Rick resides in Moscow with his wife Denise and their three sons and families.

Rick Renner (March-26-2020) Sermon: Playing Games at Jesus' Expense

Rick Renner (March-23-2020) Sermon: Twelve Legions of Angels. Do you know how many angels were available to assist Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane? Don’t miss this amazing program with Rick Renner as you learn why they were there and why Jesus refused them!

Rick Renner (March-19-2020) Sermon: What Does It Mean To Be Guilty of the Body and Blood of Jesus? What does it mean to partake of communion “unworthily”? How can you avoid this? That is what Rick Renner will show you in today’s program.

Rick Renner (February-06-2020) Sermon: Continue in What Is Right. What is the key to staying on track and not being led astray in the last days? Rick Renner will help you with the answer to this question in today’s program.

Rick Renner (January-30-2020) Sermon: Traitors, Heady, High Minded. Storms blow in and blow out. The Bible prophesied an end-time storm would come and go, but those who remain faithful will ride it out successfully. Join Rick Renner today for this powerful program.

Rick Renner (January-24-2020) Sermon: Unthankful and Unholy. The Bible prophesied a last-days generation would feel “entitled” to everything and “unthankful” for nearly everything. Join Rick Renner today as he unlocks these biblical truths.

Rick Renner (January-16-2020) Sermon: Ablaze with the Fear of the Lord. Where the fear of the Lord is present, the power and the presence of God manifest mightily. Join Rick today as he discusses a healthy fear of the Lord.

Rick Renner (January-14-2020) Sermon: Ablaze with Holiness. God is a consuming fire, and when His people walk in holiness, they also blaze with spiritual fire. This is the subject of today’s program with Rick Renner.

Rick Renner (December-24-2019) Sermon: Why Did Herod Kill All the Babies in Bethlehem? Did King Herod kill all the babies in Bethlehem? How many babies were in Bethlehem? How many did he order to be killed that night? Is there a logical reason why he didn’t kill Jesus that night along with all the other babies in Bethlehem? Don’t miss this program as Rick Renner uncovers Satan’s strategic, but failed plan to abort the plan of God.

Rick Renner (November-11-2019) Sermon: Consequences of Repentance or a Lack of Repentance. There are consequences associated with repentance or a lack of repentance. If God commands you to repent, what are the consequences of your obedience? What are the consequences if you turn a deaf hear to the Spirit and do not repent? Join Rick Renner today as he dives into this important subject

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