Johnson was born in Minnesota in 1951 and became a Christian as a young child. Soon after, Johnson read seven books on prayer, which significantly affected his perspective and subsequent ministry.

Johnson's father, Melvin Earl Johnson (1929-2004) was the senior pastor at Bethel Church in Redding from 1968-1982 and subsequently became Executive Officer of the Northern California/Nevada District Council of the Assemblies of God. Earl Johnson had four children, all of whom are in full-time ministry.

Bill Johnson and his wife have three children: Eric, Brian and Leah.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Unbelief Is Not a Lack of Faith. Having a small amount of faith is not the same thing as unbelief. In this sermon clip Bill Johnson teaches on faith and the danger of unbelief. Unbelief is not having little faith (faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains), but it is the presence of unbelief. Learn how to tend the garden of your faith by weeding out unbelief to make room for and strengthen your faith.

Watch Bill Johnson Sermon: How to Love God and Steward a Heart of Affection for Him. How can you love God? In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson speaks about stewarding a heart of affection for the Lord. Loving God is more than saying you love Him in a worship song in church. Loving God is about continually resetting the affection and attention of your heart on Him.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: You Have a Mandate to Pray for God to Bless You. You have a mandate to ask God to bless you. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches from Psalm 67; a prayer for God’s blessing and favor. When God blesses you, His ways and who He is is revealed in the earth. Asking God to bless you is not selfish; it is a responsibility you have, that you may display the goodness and kindness of God, and share that with others.

Watch Sunday Service at Bethel Church - Live Stream with Bill Johnson.

Bethel Church, located in Redding, California, is a vibrant community of believers committed to sharing the message of Jesus Christ. Led by Senior Pastors Bill and Beni Johnson, the church is known for its dynamic worship, passionate preaching, and commitment to serving its community.

One of the most highly-anticipated events at Bethel Church is the Sunday Service, which takes place every Sunday at 10:00 am Pacific Time. Attending the Sunday Service is an excellent opportunity to connect with the community, receive spiritual nourishment, and worship God in a powerful way.

For those unable to attend in person, the Sunday Service is also live-streamed on the church's website, providing access to the service from anywhere in the world. The online service is an excellent alternative for individuals who are unable to attend the physical service, such as those who live too far away, are sick, or have mobility issues.

The online service features high-quality audio and video, allowing viewers to experience the service as if they were there in person. The service typically lasts around 90 minutes and includes worship, prayer, and a message from one of the church's pastors or guest speakers. The message is always relevant and inspiring, providing practical insights and spiritual guidance that can be applied to everyday life.

Bethel Church is known for its powerful worship experience, and the Sunday Service is no exception. The worship team leads the congregation in a time of heartfelt worship, where attendees can experience God's presence in a tangible way. The worship team is composed of talented musicians, singers, and songwriters who write and perform their own original music.

Watching the Sunday Service at Bethel Church through live stream is an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, grow in your faith, and connect with a community of believers who share your values and beliefs. Whether you attend in person or watch online, you are sure to leave feeling uplifted, inspired, and renewed in your relationship with God.

In conclusion, the Sunday Service at Bethel Church is an incredible opportunity to experience the power of worship and the transformative message of the gospel. Whether you attend in person or watch online, you are sure to be inspired by the message and leave feeling closer to God. So why not join us this Sunday and experience the power of community, worship, and spiritual growth at Bethel Church?

Watch Bill Johnson Full Sermon - How the Devil Hides in Thoughts.

With our thoughts, we can unintentionally create a stronghold, or hiding place, for the devil. In this full sermon, Bill Johnson teaches on the absolute importance of embracing the mind of Christ and His word in our hearts and minds. When the devil tries to influence us with thoughts of fear and anxiety, we must take the shield of faith and sword of the Spirit and not only reject the lies of the enemy, but intentionally choose to embrace God’s word in its place. Entertaining thoughts of fear and anxiety by reviewing them over and over again builds strongholds in our minds, giving the enemy a place to dwell.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: The Battle Over Your Mind.

Bill Johnson teaches on the battle of the mind. The real battle over your life is between your ears - it’s in your mind. If the enemy can fill you with fear, anxiety, and shame, he can keep you from living authentically and creatively. But you and I have access to the mind of Christ, and when we renew our minds to think as He does, we will live in the fullness of who He created us to be.

Watch Bill Johnson - How the Holy Spirit Leads and Sustains You Through Grief. Bill Johnson teaches how the Holy Spirit leads and sustain us through seasons of grief. Speaking from his own experience after the loss of his wife, Beni, in 2022, Bill shares how the Lord always intends to lead us into victory and has promised to sustain us in every season. This journey of faith is a relational journey, and staying close to the Holy Spirit is key to navigating the seasons of life well, including seasons of grief.

How God's Strength Is Going to Show Up in Your Weakness - Bill Johnson Full Sermon.  God's strength is going to show up in your weakness. We all love the seasons of victory and breakthrough, but what about when you experience loss and things turn out differently than what you were hoping and praying for? In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson shares from 2 Corinthians 12: 9 and the reality of God’s promise that His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Watch Bill Johnson Full Sermon - Increase in Times of Blessing.  We have seen the Kingdom increase powerfully in times of persecution, but what if God’s ultimate plan is to bring increase in times of blessing? In this full sermon, Bill Johnson shares from Acts 9, and the incredible increase that came during a season of peace for the early church. We must not let blessing lead us into complacency, but continually lean in to see God’s Kingdom increase even more in times of blessing.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Every Temptation Comes From These Two Questions. Every temptation in life comes to challenge us in these two areas: our identity in Christ, and what God has spoken to us. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches on the enemy’s strategy to make us question what God has said, and who He says we are. If we will be confident in these two areas, we will not be tempted or tossed around by the waves of life.

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