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Bill Johnson youtube Sermons

Monday, 24 September 2018 07:07

Bill Johnson (Sept 24, 2018) - True Worship

Bill Johnson (Sept 24, 2018) - True Worship

Bill Johnson, Bethel Church (Sept 12, 2018) - Success has Chaff.  "All success has chaff. Every bit of progress we make has something to be discarded." - Bill Johnson | To keep Jesus as our first love, we must continue to die so we can truly live. For our love for God to remain fresh, some things have to be discarded. Enter into the door of freshness with Jesus today.

Monday, 10 September 2018 07:25

Bill Johnson (Sep 9, 2018) - Heaven Here Now

Bill Johnson (Sep 9, 2018) - Heaven Here Now

Bill Johnson (SEPTEMBER 07, 2018) Breaking Through Inheritance

BILL JOHNSON (September-09-2018) Sunday Service Live Stream - Bethel Church

Bill Johnson (Sep 3, 2018) - Greater Anointing - Greater Miracles

Bill Johnson (AUG 31, 2018) - Benefits of Chara

Bill Johnson (AUG 29, 2018) - Your Purpose not The Reason but The Impact

BILL JOHNSON (August-26-2018) Today Sunday Service - Bethel Church Live Stream

Bill Johnson (Aug 22, 2018) - The Holy Spirit Is In You - POWERFUL TEACHING. 

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