Kenosis and Jesus' Deity - Was Jesus Fully God and Fully Man? - BILL JOHNSON (June-16-2021)

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Wednesday, 16 June 2021 03:14

BILL JOHNSON (June-16-2021) Watch Message: Kenosis and Jesus' Deity - Was Jesus Fully God and Fully Man?

Watch as Bethel Senior Leader Bill Johnson and Bethel Associate Pastor and Dean of BSSM Dann Farrelly discuss Kenosis, Jesus' Deity, and that Jesus was fully God and fully man.

In this video, Dann Farrelly and Bill Johnson discuss if Bethel believes that Jesus is 100% God and 100% man. Then Dann Farrelly reads a section from Bill Johnson's first book "When Heaven Invades Earth" from chapter 7 which says:

"Jesus lived his earthly life with human limitation. He laid his divinity aside as he sought to fulfill the assignment given to him by the Father to live life as a man without sin and then die in the place of mankind for sin. This would be essential in his plan to redeem mankind. The sacrifice that could atone for sin had to be both lamb--powerless, and had to be spotless, without sin."

So does Bill Johnson believe Jesus laid aside His divinity? No, Bill Johnson says he believes that it is impossible for Jesus to stop being God. Bill Johnson also talks about how that section of his book has been misunderstood over the years and clarifies what he meant when he wrote it.

What is kenosis theory, and does Bethel believe in it?

In Christian theology, kenosis (Greek: κένωσις, kénōsis, lit. [the act of emptying]) is the 'self-emptying of Jesus' own will and becoming entirely receptive to God's divine will. (source: Wikipedia)

Neither Bethel Church nor Bill Johnson believes in kenosis theory, as discussed in this video. We believe that Jesus has always been divine, Jesus never stopped being God, and that Jesus never laid aside His divinity. We believe that God is one in three. Co-equal and co-eternal Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We invite you to watch the video to see Dann Farrelly and Bill Johnson discuss this in-depth. 

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Kenosis and Jesus' Deity - Was Jesus Fully God and Fully Man? - BILL JOHNSON (June-16-2021)
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