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BILL JOHNSON (February-10-2019) Sunday Service - Weekend Bethel church Live Stream. Join the Sunday service of White Johnson. The beginning of the Sunday broadcast is at 14:30. Divisions with us are the joy of unity in the Holy Spirit. Sunday service in Bethel Church.


Bill Johnson - School of Healing & Impartation - (FEBRUARY 8, 2019). This is the second night of the Randy Clark School of Healing & Impartation.


Bill Johnson - Are You Really Hungry for GOD ? - FEBRUARY 4, 2019


Bill Johnson (February-03-2019) Sunday Sermon: How To Overcome Fear In Your Life?


BILL JOHNSON (February-03-2019) Sunday Service - Weekend Bethel church Live Stream


Bill Johnson (January-31-2019) - God Is Glorified, Bethel Church. Bill Johnson closing worship with a prayer that God would be glorified through our lives, at Bethel church in Redding, California.


Bill Johnson (January-27-2019) Sunday Sermon: Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate


BILL JOHNSON (January-27-2019) Sunday Service - Weekend Bethel Service Live Stream

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