Sermons by Billy Graham

Sermons by Billy Graham

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Billy Graham  (September-23-2020)  Sex, power and materialism.  How is it that a person can get all the sex, power, money, drugs, alcohol, entertainment, knowledge and everything else the world has to offer but still be empty on the inside? What would it profit a man if he gained the whole world, and lost his own soul? What is the only thing that can really satisfy?


Billy Graham (September-22-2020) Watch Sermon: John 3:16. One Bible verse lays out the entire Gospel message. Watch how Billy Graham related John 3:16 to modern-day issues in this 1991 message from New York City. 


The Story of How Billy Graham’s Ministry Began (September-21-2020). Will Graham retells the remarkable story of how God led his grandfather to start the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association 70 years ago.


Billy Graham (September-20-2020) Jackson MS 1975.


Billy Graham Classic (September-16-2020) Visibility Zero.  How good is your eyesight? Billy Graham talks about spiritual blindness in this 1988 message from Hamilton, Ontario


Billy Graham (September-15-2020) Watch Sermon: Excuse Me, Please. There are many reasons people refuse to accept Christ. Hear Billy Graham's responses to some of the most common excuses in this 1985 message from Anaheim, California.


Billy Graham (September-13-2020) Who is Jesus Christ? Meadowlands NJ .

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Billy J. Graham became a famous evangelist in the late 40s of the 20th century. Many broadcasts, movies, television programs for believers saw the world thanks to him. Under his leadership, Billy Graham ministries became very active. Famous personalities and ordinary people listened to his guidance until 2014.

 Billy Graham’s career ladder

The unknown pastor didn’t become popular overnight. He moved persistently toward his goal, but he didn’t expect such a recognition for Billy Graham prayers: according to statistics, the audience who watched Billy Graham’s daily devotional reached an extraordinary amount of 2.5 billion people.

The preacher’s sermons touched on various spheres of life, ranging from the importance of God in every person’s life and ending with equal rights regardless of skin color.

The pastor's career began to develop rapidly since 1944. The list of achievements of the preacher Billy Graham contains the following points:

  • 1944 – he supports the radio program of his friend Torrey Johnson;
  • 1948-1952 – President of Northwestern Bible College;
  • 1947-1992 – conducts “Crusades” in different regions of the country and beyond;
  • 1952 – full-time evangelist of “Youth for Christ”.

Over the years, Billy Graham preaching has been active in 185 countries on 6 continents. The pastor called for adherence to God's instructions. Billions of people heard Billy Graham’s sermons, and everyone has such a chance today!

After the founding of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the preacher began to spread a lot of useful information among Christians. Billy Graham famous quotes appeared on weekly radio broadcasts, television programs, in a newspaper column. The association moved from place to place, but continued to stay active.

Billy Graham studies Bible and leads the educational project “My hope with Billy Graham.” The essence of his work was simple: church members spread the Gospel. Billy Graham’s videos “The Cross” were a key element of his education program.

The preacher died at the age of 99 and rests in the Billy Graham Library. The pastor was involved in politics and was a registered member of the Democratic Party. Over the years of his life, Graham advocated the equal rights of all people and urged Christians to live by the laws and help others.

 Prayer line and other legacy of the pastor

The preacher’s work continues to live today. The Billy Graham organization provides support to those in need during difficult periods. Everyone can become a follower of this famous pastor and watch videos of his sermons. You can subscribe to the special newsletter on the Billy Graham website.

Followers of Billy Graham in 2020 continue to be active in real and virtual spaces. The telephone support line helps people in different parts of the world. The pastor teached how to find peace among the turmoil.