Sermons by Carter Conlon & Tim Dilena

Tim Dilena - Watch Sermon: You Thought I Was Just Like You. In "You Thought I was Just Like You", Pastor Tim Dilena preaches on the characteristics of God we need to hold fast to in times when everyone has forgotten who He really is.


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Watch Sunday Service in Times Square Church with Tim Dilena (July-03-2022). 

Time Square Church is a home of believers who have a common goal of spreading the gospel to the outermost part of the world in order to win more souls for Christ and to build a mighty army of believers. Live Sunday service with Tim Dilena’s one of the goals and objectives...

Worldwide Prayer Meeting - Times Square Church, live stream | June-22-2022


I'm Shocked That This Can Happen - Tim Dilena Sunday Sermon | June-19-2022. In "I'm Shocked That This Can Happen", Pastor Tim Dilena preaches about Peter's denial of Christ and what led him from boldly declaring Jesus as Lord to denying Him right before His crucifixion.


Carter Conlon - Watch Sermon: Can Jesus Come Back To America. In "Can Jesus Come Back To America?", our general overseer, Pastor Carter Conlon, follows Luke 8:26-40, the story of the demon-possessed man, and
how Christ saved him out of the darkness that was in him.


Can Jesus Come Back To America? -Carter Conlon Sunday Sermon | June-12-2022. In "Can Jesus Come Back To America?", our general overseer, Pastor Carter Conlon, follows Luke 8:26-40, the story of the demon-possessed man, and how Christ saved him out of the darkness that was in him.


If You Are Wondering How...Remember God Can - Tim Dilena Sunday Sermon, Times Square Church | June-05-2022. In "If You're Wondering How...Remember God Can", Pastor Tim Dilena preaches out of Deuteronomy 8 on how we can move forward when faced with insurmountable obstacles; through remembrance.

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Sermons by Carter Conlon & Tim Dilena


Sometime the Quest to understanding the occurrences in this world becomes a medium for disbelief. Many in our present world are giving up because they have seek the solution to the their problems for a very longtime. Some have finally accepted that, “life has no purpose”. And with the few that have accepted that life has a purpose, to them existence is a burden.

A friend once said to me , “ why is it that life is a question without solutions?” Well Pastor Carter Conlon said, “The end of ourselves is the beginning of God”. Maybe we are too full of ourselves and ignoring the solutions of life. Sarah was full of herself ( her inability to conceive) while the solution was passing by Abraham’s tent ( Genesis 18:2).

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Carter Conlon is the Senior Pastor of Times Square Church founded by David Wilkerson . God called Pastor Carter to full-time ministry in Canada by faith and He has been serving the Lord with the same faith till this day. Carter Conlon Sermons has being a great source of Hope and encouragement to many in the world. Carter Conlon's teachings in His sermons are worth living just like Paul said in Philippians 4:8-9 “ Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you. Carter has embedded in his Sermons the realities of life making it known to the world. In His Sermons, he teaches you that Jesus has never Change. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Pastor Carter is not just like any other man of God but one sent By God to bring liberty to many by the teachings of the word God. Pastor Carter Sermons Has being a great source of inspiration to me and I hope it is for you too. The desire of every Christian to grow is a Target of Pastor Carter's Bible Studies and Teachings. For ones faith to increase, you must continue to show commitment in the word.

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Many maybe asking this same question. Well, everything about Pastor Carter Conlon including; online video sermons, Audio, Books, Preachings, Teachings, inspirational messages is brought to your Doorstep by this unofficial website Carter Conlon Online Sermons, Carter Conlon online Sermons brings to you the best of Carter in this year 22022 and previous years. It is the best website for exploring and know kingdom truth. You can also get them through His YouTube channels.

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