Sermons by Carter Conlon & Tim Dilena

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The Witch Is Back - Tim Dilena Sunday Sermon | August-21-2022. In "The Witch is Back", Pastor Tim Dilena preaches from 1 Samuel 28 on Saul going to consult a witch, warning believers that sin will try to re-enter our lives if we don't fight it and fear will bind…
Go Green! (The Answer To Hurt Up Close) - Tim Dilena Sunday Sermon | August-14-2022. In "Go Green!", Pastor Tim Dilena speaks from Psalm 52 on how to reject bitterness and grow in Christ in any circumstance despite who may be around you.
It's Way Bigger Than You Think - Tim Dilena Sunday Sermon | August-07-2022. In "It's Way Bigger Than You Think", Pastor Tim Dilena recounts the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch to remind us that when we obey God in what He asks of us, what happens is often…
Carter Conlon - Watch Sermon: The Promise. In "Worldwide Prayer: The Promise", Pastor Carter Conlon tells the story of how the worldwide prayer meeting came about from a group of pastor's praying together for NYC to thousands of Christian's meeting to pray together around the world.
Bothered By An Edge - Tim Dilena Sunday Sermon | July-31-2022. In "Bothered By An Edge", Pastor Tim Dilena talks about integrity through the story of David cutting off the edge of Saul's robe, emphasizing the importance of conviction from the Holy Spirit in a Christian's life.
Carter Conlon - Watch Sermon: As The Ship Sinks, Tell Me What To Do!
Sermons by Carter Conlon & Tim Dilena
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