Sermons by Carter Conlon & Tim Dilena

The Confessions of A Confused Man - Tim Dilena Sunday Sermon, Times Square Church | May-22-2022. In "The Confessions of A Confused Man," Pastor Tim Dilena preaches out of Psalms 73 on how pain redeemed is better than pain removed and how we can keep our eye on the big…

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Carter Conlon - Watch Sermon: Staying Strong When God Is Silent. There are seasons in our life where it seems like the promises of God dissipate. When God is silent it is important to stay strong by resisting the temptation to try to make happen what God has spoken. There…
Carter Conlon - Watch Sermon: God's Offer of a New Life. Do you experience the new life in Christ? The fruits of the Spirit? God offers you a new life and we are to walk in it.
From Green Pastures to Dark Valleys - Tim Dilena Sunday Sermon, Times Square Church | May-08-2022. In "From Green Pastures to Dark Valleys", Pastor Tim Dilena preaches through Psalms 23, on how David went from knowing of God (third person) to a relationship with God (second person).
Tim Dilena - Watch Sermon: When The Thought of God Disturbs Me. In "When The Thought of God Disturbs Me", Pastor Tim Dilena preaches about the doubts and anguishes that come throughout the Christian life, illustrated by David in Psalms 77:3.
For All Who Fall - Tim Dilena Sunday Sermon, Times Square Church | April-24-2022. In "For All Who Fall", Pastor Tim Dilena teaches from an encounter Peter had with Christ in John 21 after the resurrection, an encounter that left the disciple changed forever.
Carter Conlon - Watch Sermon: Invite Jesus to Your Funeral Are you feeling hopeless or depressed? Do you feel like darkness and death surround you, and you don’t know how to make it through tomorrow? Can I encourage you to invite Jesus to your funeral? There are several accounts of…
Sermons by Carter Conlon & Tim Dilena
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