A God We Can Trust – Charles Stanley Daily Devotional (July-02-2020)

Thursday, 02 July 2020 04:13

Charles Stanley (July-02-2020) Daily Devotion: A God We Can Trust.

Many believers worry that God might reject them if they sin too much, fail to read the Bible daily, or displease Him in some other way. But our salvation and trust in God is based upon His unchanging character.

 The false notion that God would reject a person He has saved springs from a simplistic view of His nature. We tend to attribute one emotion to God at a time–for example, we might assume He is either angry or loving. In reality, the Father’s nature is far more complex than that. Think about our own simultaneous emotions: Just as we can love a child unconditionally while feeling upset over his or her actions, God can too—but with omniscience and perfect motives. And remember, the righteous anger that led Him to threaten the Israelites with punishment did not replace His care for them.

Some people point to passages like today’s reading to try to prove that God changes His mind, and therefore He could reconsider what He’s promised us. But God knew Moses would intercede for the people, just as He knows when we will fall short of His standards for righteousness. The Father rescued us from death anyway and refuses to turn His back on His children for any reason. The immutability of His nature means that God will love us forever, even when we fail.

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A God We Can Trust – Charles Stanley Daily Devotional (July-02-2020)
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