Biblical Fasting – Charles Stanley Daily Devotional (July-16-2020)

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Thursday, 16 July 2020 04:28

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Charles Stanley (July-16-2020) Daily Devotion: Biblical Fasting. 

We’ve all been guilty of overlooking those we love. There are so many things vying for our attention, and we often choose the quick task over investment in a relationship. Unfortunately, we can do the same thing with God. But that’s not what we really want, is it?

The biblical practice of fasting is one way to help us focus on God and what matters to Him. It’s an opportunity to set aside other things so we can to seek His face and hear His voice. It’s a time of preparation that leads us to fix our attention on God’s purposes and will.

Many of us haven’t tried fasting because it seems too hard. We don’t know how to begin or when to find the time. But if we see it for what it is—something that sharpens our spiritual vision, intensifies our desire for God, and leads to understanding His direction—then we will want to try it for ourselves.

Have you been crying out to the Father for more of Him? Do you need to know God’s will for a particular area of your life? Biblical fasting can help bring you to the place where your hearing is sharper, your mind is clearer, and your eyes are more firmly fixed on the Lord and His plans. Why not discover this for yourself?

Biblical Fasting –  Charles Stanley Daily Devotional (July-16-2020)
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