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Charles Stanley (January-12-2019) Radio Sermon: WHEN IN NEED, REMEMBER.

What is the greatest need that you're facing today? Whether it is to feel accepted, to be forgiven, or if you have a financial concern, your heavenly Father is waiting for you to turn to Him.


Charles Stanley (January-12-2019) Saturday Sermon: The Condition of the Heart


Charles Stanley (January-11-2019) Radio Sermon: PARTNERSHIP IN MINISTRY. 

When we think about the Great Commission, many of us feel overwhelmed, but it's not something a person should tackle alone. We must work together. In this message, Dr. Stanley talks about the pa...

Charles Stanley (January-10-2019) Radio Sermon: THE WAY TO HEAVEN. 

How can you get to heaven? It is not because of their performance, abilities, good works, or social status. The only way you have to get to heaven is by accepting the atoning death of Jesus Christ for...

Charles Stanley (January-09-2019) Radio Sermon: A STRONG CHURCH. 

The church is not defined by a building, but rather by lives committed to loving God and serving people in His name. In this message, Dr. Stanley describes the many characteristics that make up a strong...

Charles Stanley (January-08-2019) Sermon: OUR VERY BEST FRIEND. Dr. Stanley gives Scriptural references showing that Jesus was a friend to many different kinds of people. Did you know that He can be your best friend, too?


Charles Stanley (January-07-2019) Radio Sermon: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CHURCH.

The Bible speaks of the church in many ways — the body of Christ, the bride of Christ, a flock, a priesthood. But with thousands of church buildings in this country and throughout the world, how do...

Dr Charles Stanley (January-06-2019) Radio sermon: TROUBLED FRIENDSHIPS.

Your most valuable asset, second only to your friendship with God, is your relationships with people. But sometimes we have problems in our friendships, so this message addresses: How to be careful ab...

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