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The sermon " II Corinthians chapter 3" (Wednesday Service 24 Jan. 2018) - Creflo Dollar Ministries. 

"It's Never Too Late Part 2" Your World with Creflo Dollar Ministries. On this show, we’re talking with a couple who have been through tragedy after tragedy in their lives and in their marriage… yet they are still holding on to a thread of hope that they can overcome their circumstances together. One of them is ready to move forward hand-in-hand, but the other is about to give up hope. They are here, together, to receive counseling, and find out if they have reached the point of no return.

"Has the Holy Spirit become taboo?" Part 3 (Sunday Service 21 Jan. 2018 ) - Creflo Dollar (sermon online). 

"Heroin Epidemic Pt 2" Your World with Creflo Dollar Ministries 18 Jan. 2018. On today’s episode of Your World, you heard three powerful stories of drug addiction. Missy experienced the effects of drugs through her son, who lived a happy life until his drug habit took his life. Wyndi and Justin both lived normal lives, but made a 180-degree turn to a severe drug addiction, and they still face the consequences, today.

The sermon "Has the Holy Spirit become taboo?" Part 2 - Creflo Dollar (Live Stream). The Holy Spirit is a helper. He's an intercessor. He'll stand between. He's an advocate. He's a strengthener when you're weak. The Holy Spirit will strengthen you. He's a standby. He is the Holy Spirit. He is not a ghost, not a thing, not a jerk or jiggle. He is a person. He is as real, as the person that you're seated to do it with right now. He doesn't possess matter, but He does have substance. He has a personality praise the Lord. He can be grieved. He's an is an unseen person but He is real and He is the person that's responsible for and behind the manifestations of all the promises of grace. So everything that's been made available to you by grace your deliverance your healing, all that's involved in your salvation. The Holy Spirit is the manifester of all of the promises of grace. He will through the Holy Spirit you can walk in the fulfilled promises of God and find yourself possessing and walking in the experience of all of those promises. But how through the Holy Spirit see we have concluded that it must be something you got to do. I got to do this. And I got to do that in and we're still stuck on God helps those who help themselves. God didn't say it. It's nowhere in the Bible. Benjamin Franklin said it, get off that God helps those who need help and I'm telling you, everybody in the house needs help.

"Heroin Epidemic Pt 1" Coming Up Your World - Creflo Dollar Ministries. Creflo Dollar talks with 3 people whose lives have been forever changed by heroin addiction. They will discuss the key to eliminating the drug epidemic in America for good.

Live Stream Jan.10, 2018  " The ministry of the Holy Spirit Part 2. The Holy Spirit is a person" - Creflo Dollar ( sermon online ). 

The sermon "Has the Holy Spirit become taboo?" - Creflo Dollar (online). 

The sermon "The ministry of the Holy Spirit" (Wednesday Service) - Creflo Dollar (online).

The sermon "Reacquainted with the Holy Spirit. Last night 2017" - Creflo Dollar (online). Live Stream.

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