Sermons by David Diga Hernandez 2023

Watch David Diga Hernandez - Satan Absolutely Fears this kind of Christian. Every believer should practice exorcism. In this teaching, David Diga Hernandez gives you practical and Biblical truths to help equip you to do so.

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David Diga Hernandez - Watch Message: Can a Christian Be DEMON Possessed? Demons can attack Christians through deception, but should Christians fear being possessed by a demon (demonized)? In this livestream teaching, David Diga Hernandez reveals the Biblical answer to this common question.
Watch David Diga Hernandez - A Major Sign God is Testing You Right Now. This major sign can reveal that the Holy Spirit is testing you. In this message, David Diga Hernandez shows you how to recognize and respond when God is testing you.
Watch David Diga Hernandez - How the Holy Spirit Set Me Free from Anxiety & Panic Attacks. No matter how long you’ve dealt with a mental or emotional battle, you can be free. Listen to this testimony and receive perfect liberty from the Holy Spirit.
Watch David Diga Hernandez - If Christians Did This They’d Never be Spiritually Bound. Many Christians find themselves in cycles of spiritual bondage, receiving temporary breakthrough but never permanent freedom. In this message, you'll learn the Biblical truth about spiritual bondage. Understand this, and you’ll never be bound again.
Watch David Diga Hernandez - God Can Hear It, Can You? There is a cry, a sound. It's rising to the Father in heaven. Can you hear it?
David Diga Hernandez - How to be Aware of the Holy Spirit 24/7 - Sharpen Your Spiritual Senses, t's possible to live aware of the Holy Spirit's presence 24/7. In this message, David Diga Hernandez gives you Biblical keys that will cause you to walk in deeper fellowship with the…
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Sermons by David Diga Hernandez 2023

David Diga Hernandez is an evangelist, healing minister, author, and TV host. He has an uncommon grace to guide believers into closeness with the Holy Spirit. Based in Southern California, David travels worldwide to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and heads an anointed evangelistic healing ministry. The ministry's weekly TV program, Encounter TV, is available in millions of homes globally and features highlights from David's Miracle Services. His ministry is distinctly marked by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. David is a unique and emerging spiritual leader, called to take God's saving and healing power to this generation.

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