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David Wilkerson Sermon - Jesus - The Lamb of God.  April 4, 2010 – This message is for those who are on a search for peace and hope but you are experiencing emptiness and guilt because of the sin in your life. Maybe you are trying to figure out a way to “get to” God and pay Him back for all the sins you committed. The good news is that Jesus is the Lamb of God; the perfect sacrifice for all mankind. If you simply come to Jesus and believe His Word you will be forgiven. There is a cry in the heart of God to draw His people into His love and peace. All you need is found in Jesus the Lamb of God! Would you like to add a sermon to your favorite list? Log in!
David Wilkerson sermon - The Window of Faith. The window of faith is not an opportune time but an inopportune time when everything looks hopeless. God allows death to roll over our promises and we stop telling God how to fix our problems. God is searching for a people who will fully trust Him when all hope and human possibility is gone. In these last days God is going to have a wholly dependent people who don't live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Would you like to add a sermon to your favorite list? Log in!
David Wilkerson sermon: How to Overcome All Sin - Entering the New Covenant youtube online. About David WilkersonDavid Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade.In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to "the crossroads of the world" to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God.David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Would you like to add a sermon to your favorite list? Log in!
David Wilkerson - The Cup of Trembling | Full Sermon. This is a message about how God intends to handle our fear problem. There are four great fears: 1- Fear of survival and poverty, 2- Fear of losing children to sin, 3- Fear of calamity and terror, 4-The lack of political leaders. God never intended for His people to live in fear. God is a God who pleads the cause of His people. He pledges Himself to us and He puts His words in our mouth to destroy the lies of Satan that cause us to fear. This message admonishes us to keep our eyes on His resurrection power and to keep the FACE of JESUS before our eyes all throughout our days. Would you like to add a sermon to your favorite list? Log in!
David Wilkerson - The Healing Power of Afflictions | Full Sermon God uses afflictions to draw us into His Word so we can allow Him to deal with the issues of our heart. If we don’t see God in ALL of our circumstances, the good and the bad, our faith will crash. God is not with us in spite of our failure, sin and slothfulness, He is with us because of them. God's tender mercies are above all His works. Go to the Lord with an open heart and let Him love you through your pain and suffering. Would you like to add a sermon to your favorite list? Log in!
David Wilkerson sermon Speak To The Mountain online David Wilkerson - Speak To The Mountain - Amazing InspirationalJESUS, OUR SAFETYSome months after 9/11, a New York City newspaper ran this headline: “CITY OF JITTERS.” The Department of Homeland Security had warned that a planned terrorist strike had been uncovered, and the terror alert had been raised to code orange.HIDDEN FEARSThat same day, a New York City police officer spoke to me about the uncertainty and alarm within the police force and fire departments. Their macho exteriors hid secret fears because most of them had lost friends during the 9/11 attacks.Even now, years later, each time some New Yorkers travel through tunnels and over bridges they hold their breath and pray for protection. A stalled vehicle can cause panic. The greatest fear that haunts this city is a suitcase bomb, carrying nuclear or germ capabilities. Many people began carrying small gas… Would you like to add a sermon to your favorite list? Log in!
David Wilkerson sermon Sodom's Sister  online This is a chilling message not for the weak or half-hearted, concerning pride of a nation and a people. When a nation becomes proud, then comes shame. Pride is an abomination to the Lord. Throughout history, God has judged nations for this, like Sodom, Gomorrah, Israel, and Judah, to name a few. How can America escape? This is a classic and heartfelt cry of the Watchman, warning one and all. Ezekiel 16:46-52New King James Version (NKJV)46 “Your elder sister is Samaria, who dwells with her daughters to the north of you; and your younger sister, who dwells to the south of you, is Sodom and her daughters. 47 You did not walk in their ways nor act according to their abominations; but, as if that were too little, you became more corrupt than they in all your ways.48 “As I live,” says the Lord God, “neither… Would you like to add a sermon to your favorite list? Log in!
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