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David Wilkerson - Sermon: The Day The the Sun & Moon Will Refuse To Shine: The Great Return




David Wilkerson (April-05-2019) Where are the "MEN OF ANOTHER SORT" When We Need Them?


Gary Wilkerson (March 24, 2019) Sermon: Getting Healed


David Wilkerson - We are all Being Programed to Accept the AntiChrist (February-14-2019). The Spirit of Anti-Christ is at Work today!! The Active Programing from the Elite.


DAVID WILKERSON - A Hell-Shaking Prayer. A & Ω Productions (January 24, 2019)


Why is nobody talking about this anymore! || Someone needs to say it, whether we like it or not!

What do you know about hell? The church are so focused on preaching and keeping us happy, not to preaching people free.
Heaven is totally fine to talk about, but hell is something we don't mention, ever. This is so dangerous. This is a really hard subject to talk about in church but it needs to be said by someone!

What are the...

Falling Away to the Antichrist || The Antichrist-Spirit || In The World Today 2019. Speaker: David Wilkerson

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