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David Wilkerson - The Cup of Trembling | Full Sermon.

This is a message about how God intends to handle our fear problem. There are four great fears: 1- Fear of survival and poverty, 2- Fear of losing children to sin, 3- Fear of calamity and terror, 4-The lack of political...

David Wilkerson - The Healing Power of Afflictions | Full Sermon

God uses afflictions to draw us into His Word so we can allow Him to deal with the issues of our heart. If we don’t see God in ALL of our circumstances, the good and t...

David Wilkerson sermon Speak To The Mountain online

David Wilkerson - Speak To The Mountain - Amazing Inspirational
Some months after 9/11, a New York City newspaper ran this headline: “CITY OF JITTERS.” The Department of Homeland Se...

David Wilkerson sermon Sodom's Sister  online

This is a chilling message not for the weak or half-hearted, concerning pride of a nation and a people. When a nation becomes proud, then comes shame. Pride is an abomination to the Lord. Throughout history, God has judged...

David Wilkerson sermon Last Message To USA & The World On The End Times. God's Warnings Before Judgment online



David Wilkerson sermon Last Days Deception [Must Hear] online



David Wilkerson sermon The Danger in Blessings online



David Wilkerson sermon Freedom From Sin online

God never intended for man to live under the bondage of sin. We are free from sin and it is truth alone that sets men free. Through the New Covenant we find this truth. We have such a blessing and powerful promises in the New ...

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