Sermons by Derek Prince online

Sermons by Derek Prince online

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Derek Prince (September-23-2020) Watch Sermon: The Authority & Power Of God's Word

'You do not love God more than you love His Word'.

The authority of God's Word proceeds from the Author, the Holy Spirit, because an author gives authority to what is written.

0:00 Introduction and proclamation
3:35 Who wrote the Bible?
8:18 How can we trust the Bible if the people that wrote it were fallibl...

Derek Prince (September-21-2020) Watch Sermon: You Don’t Love God More Than You Love His Word. 

Do you really love God? Bible Derek Prince takes a test with us: 'You don't love God more than you love His Word'.

From John 14:22-23 Bible teacher Derek Prince draws five important facts 

1. Jesus reveals Himself towards His disciples (not to the world),
2. Keeping God’s Word is a supreme test of the disciples love of ...

Derek Prince (September-19-2020) Watch Message: True Disciples Keep The Word Of Jesus. 

What's your relationship towards the Word? True disciples keep the Word of Jesus!

1. Jesus reveals Himself towards His disciples (not to the world),
2. Keeping God’s Word is a supreme test of love of God,
3. Supreme test of God’s love towards disciples,
4. Christ manifests himself through the Word,
5. Father and Son w...

Derek Prince (September-17-2020) Watch Sermon: You Cannot Believe In Jesus And Disbelieve The Bible. 

'You cannot believe in Jesus and disbelieve the Bible' because Jesus, as well as the Bible are both the Word of God.

It says in John 1:1 that 'The Word was in the beginning', 'the Word was God'. Bible teacher Derek Prince shows that there's total agreement between Jesus & the Bible (Rev. 19:11-13). 


Derek Prince (September-15-2020) Watch Sermon: The Scripture Cannot Be Broken. 

'The devil wants to undermine our faith in the authority and accuracy of the Bible'.

In John 10:35 Jesus notes that ‘the Scripture cannot be broken’
Jesus says it all in this passage. You can deny the authority of Scripture, but you cannot break it. 


Derek Prince (September-13-2020) Watch Sermon: How Did The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock?

The wise man built his house upon the rock. How can we build on the foundation like the wise man in Jesus' famous parabel about the wise and foolish man, who both build their houses on different kind of fundaments?

How does the wise man in Matthew 7:24 build on the rock? By hearing and doing.
In the similar story according t...

Derek Prince (September-11-2020) Watch Sermon: Is It Possible To Know Jesus Personally?

Bible teacher Derek Prince gives us two reasons why we are still able to know Jesus personally, like Peter knew Him:
1. Jesus was not revealed as the son of the carpenter, but revealed as the eternal Son of God
2. This revelation was granted through the Holy Spirit

It is equally possible to us to know Jesus personally. 

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The great evangelist Dwight Moody once said, “When I was a young Christian, I thought that God kept His gifts on shelves and the best gifts were on the highest shelves and I would have to reach up. I learned later the best gifts are on the lowest shelf and I had to stoop down.” The truth is, the more you grow the more you are enlightened with certain Ideas. Sometimes, I ask myself How well do we understand Scriptures? In the book of James chapter 5:14-15, James said, “ 14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: 15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.” The question is who are the elders of the Church? To many, the elders of the Church are the oldest people in the Church and this is certainly not true. In that Scripture, it would mean the elders of the Church are those who are Spiritually led and have attained a stand in Christ that they no longer fall sick and within them is the ability to lay hands on the sick. You maybe as old as something yet you are a baby in the things of the Spirit that needs growth. Growth is principal in every believer’s life and is Paramount in existence as a believer. The question now is, How do I grow Spiritually? Pastor Derek Prince Ministries is one of trustworthy Ministries in our present time that delivers the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in his Sermons to billions all over the world with the aim of ensuring spiritual growth in the believer and also ensuring that the gospel is preached to the unsaved. Pastor Derek Prince is best known for His desiring in souls winning. He once said, “ Jesus Christ is the divine, eternal Son of God, who became a member of the human race by virgin birth. He led a sinless life, died on the cross as a propitiatory sacrifice for the sins of humanity, was buried and rose again in bodily form from the grave on the third day. He ascended into heaven, whence He will return to earth in person, to judge the living and the dead. Everyone who repents of sin and trusts in the sacrifice of Jesus receives forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life. With pastor Derek Prince prayer time, many have their problems being solved and burdens lifted up by our Lord Jesus Christ.

With Derek Prince Study Bible and Bible teachings, Bible teacher Derek Prince shows how the forces behind blessings and curses might be at work in your life. Drawing from God's Word and real-life experiences, Prince will help you understand your personality in Christ, the causes of curses--occult activity, hidden sin, abuses, abandonment, even sin from a previous generation--and teach you how to be set free from curses, so you can start enjoying the benefits of God's blessings. You can also look at Derek Prince series on the book of Psalms. In his psalm 91 teachings, He explains deeply the protection of God and the role of the believer.

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Why should I watch Pastor Derek Prince Sermons Online?

Derek Prince is best know known for His heartfelt messages on Obeying the voice of God. Well, watching his sermons is listening from the Spirit of God. Jesus said His words are Spirit and Life unto they that hear them. This life is also embedded in the lips of his prophets. Through all that has been presented;

  • do you sense the Lord stirring your heart right now?
  • Is He prompting you to adjust your ears and your heart to hear and obey?
  • Are you seeing the necessity to open up your spirit to Him in a greater way?

If you feel like you haven’t been very successful in this process of hearing and responding to God’s voice, don’t be discouraged. You and I can do a course correction right now. We can simply let the Lord know of our hope to respond more appropriately to His voice by Listening to Derek Prince Online Sermons.