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Derek Prince (October-05-2019) Sermon: The Discernment of Good and Evil Spirits. One Of The Gift of the Spirit is Discernment.

If these clothes can lead to a conversation about Jesus with somebody or just a silent reminder to someone walking by in need, then the purpose of this brand is fulfilled. The purpose is not to commercialize rather to evangelize the word. To take something that Satan has corrupted and shine some li...

Derek Prince - You Need To Know How Important You Are. Then the LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being


Derek Prince (August-13-2019) Sermon: His Power In Your Hands. God has given you His Word to guide you successfully through life. But even more, He invites you to exercise His authority and share His throne.


Derek Prince - Got Tears in my Eyes Hearing This: True vs. False Repentance Easily Explained


The Supernatural Power of Blessings and Curses - Christian Motivation - Derek Prince. In this video, Derek Prince covers the supernatural power of blessings and curses.


Derek Prince  (july-30-2019) sermon:  Ministries of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit—Christ's personal representative—seeks out those who are seeking to be like Jesus to empower them with gifts and graces that bring glory to God. Learn what these ministries are and how you can cultivate them in your life


Homesick - Derek Prince (July-08-2019). "Homesick" is from the devotional series by Derek Prince entitled, "A Word from the Word." The "A Word from the Word" videos are produced by James Worthington, a Kiwi who was living in Israel. You can find James on Facebook at @IsraelKiwi . The series is partially funded by donations made in memory of David and Elizabeth Lauster.


Derek Prince (July-02-2019) Message: Hope for the Lonely

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