Derek Prince

Derek Prince

Derek Prince (1915 - 2003) was born in India of British parents. Educated as a scholar of Greek and Latin at Eton College and Cambridge University, England, he held a Fellowship in Ancient and Modern Philosophy at King’s College. He also studied several modern languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic, at Cambridge University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

While serving with the British army in World War II, he began to study the Bible and experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Out of this encounter he formed two conclusions: first, that Jesus Christ is alive; second, that the Bible is a true, relevant, up-to-date book. These conclusions altered the whole course of his life, which he then devoted to studying and teaching the Bible.

Derek's main gift of explaining the Bible and its teaching in a clear and simple way has helped build a foundation of faith in millions of lives. His non-denominational, non-sectarian approach has made his teaching equally relevant and helpful to people from all racial and religious backgrounds.

He is the author of over 50 books, 600 audio and 100 video teachings, many of which have been translated and published in more than 100 languages. His daily radio broadcast is translated into Arabic, Chinese (Amoy, Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghaiese, Swatow), Croatian, German, Malagasy, Mongolian, Russian, Samoan, Spanish and Tongan. The radio program continues to touch lives around the world.

Derek Prince Ministries persists in reaching out to believers in over 140 countries with Derek's teachings, fulfilling the mandate to keep on "until Jesus returns." This is effected through the outreaches of more than 30 Derek Prince offices around the world, including primary work in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. For current information about these and other worldwide locations, click on the WORLD tab above.
On September 24, 2003, Derek died in his sleep at his home in Jerusalem of heart failure following a prolonged period of declining health.

Derek Prince (May-15-2020) Sermon: The Church's Victory. This is the full video of Bible teacher Derek Prince' sermon 'The Church's Victory'. In this Bible study Derek Prince answers questions like 'What does Jesus' victory means?', 'How we can be free of guilt?', 'How we can defend ourselves form the enemy's attack on our lives?' and many more. This video is the fourth part of a four part series called: 'The Enemies We Face.'

Derek Prince (May-14-2020) Testimony: Can A Pessimist Become An Optimist? 

Bible teacher Derek Prince speaks honestly about his pessimistic upbringing and how that resulted in a depression during his life.

Derek Prince calls the depression that tormented him for years a 'spirit of heaviness'. When he called on the name of the Lord he was delivered from this demon. But he had to change the way he thought and had to daily proclaim positive Scriptures to fight this pessimistic attitude. 

Derek Prince - Bible Study: Purchase Your Salvation With Endurance.

'He who has endured to the end shall be saved.' (Matthew 24:13)

You might count yourself saved, but in order to stay saved you have to endure to the end. In other words, there is a certain 'price' you have to pay for your salvation. We don't buy our salvation with money but with endurance.

Just like the wise and foolish virgins had to buy oil, we have to buy the Holy Spirit with prayer and studying the Word of God. Our lamps need to be always filled. 

Derek Prince - Bible Study: Multitudes Of Christians Are Asleep.

As Christians we need to be aligned with God's purpose (the coming of His Kingdom). That means we need to come into action. We can't afford to be sleeping on the job.

The prophet Jonah was disobedient to God's calling on his life. He turned his back on God and he didn't align with God's purpose for Nineveh. Eventually he was sleeping in the ship, escaping his duties, sailing in the opposite direction.
Bible teacher Derek Prince points out that there are a lot of Jonah's in the world today. People who know perfectly well, that God has called them. However, they're fast asleep in their boats. Are you one of them?

Jesus teaches us to seek first the Kingdom of God. The world is in turmoil, just like the sea in the story of Jonah. Man can't solve this storm by himself. We would like to build our own kingdom to solve these problems. But that's useless. We need to be alined with God's purposes, seek His Kingdom first. But how do we seek this Kingdom? And how can we commit to this Kingdom of God? Derek happend to be a teacher and his teaching reached practically every nation on earth. That's the practical outworking in his life. You are called by God to do something else, but are you alined to that purpose, that calling on your life right now?

Are you aligned with God's purpose or are you fast asleep in the boat? 

Derek Prince (May-08-2020) Sermon: Are You Delaying Jesus' Coming?

'You may believe in the doctrine of the Second Coming, but I want to look for the evidence in your life.'

Bible teacher Derek Prince speaks about the the second requirement in 2 Peter 3:11-12: 'hastening the day of God's coming'. He explains to us that we can hasten Jesus' Second Coming by doing two important things: 1) proclaiming the Gospel to all nations and 2) purifying ourselves. However, if we don't do these things we might delay His Coming.

In Matthew 24:14 Jesus tells us that His Second Coming will come to be when the Gospel of The Kingdom is proclaimed to all nations. We are responsible for proclaiming this Gospel to the world. That means we can hasten God's Coming by proclaiming this message, but it also means that we can delay His coming by being disobedient to Jesus' Great Commission.

The New Testament compares the Church to a bride who has to make herself ready for her groom. This means we need to purify ourselves and be obedient to Scripture. Our Groom made us righteous by dying for us (His bride). Now we need to translate this 'imputed righteousness' into 'outworked righteousness.' One of the ways to do this is by denying ungodliness (Titus 2: 11-13).

Derek Prince (May-06-2020) Bible Study: Are You Living A Life Of Holiness?

Jesus said: 'blessed are the pure in heart.' We might ask ourselves today: are we keeping our hearts pure? Are we taking these words of our Lord seriously?

In this sermon Bible teacher Derek Prince emphasizes the importance of a clean heart. This is (among other Scriptures) drawn from 2 Peter 3:11-12, where the apostle explains what kind of persons we ought to be, by stating three practical elements. The first one is: holy conduct and godliness. Derek Prince challenges us to question ourselves whether we're keeping ourselves from unclean things like filthy language, unclean movies and occult influences (like horoscopes).

By reading 2 Corinthians 6:17-7:1 Derek Prince underscores Paul's statement to 'do not touch what is unclean.' It tells us not to get exposed to things that will defile us. We are responsible to do this ourselves. This is not something God will do for us. This is something He tells us to do for ourselves.

Today, almost thirty years after this sermon, we might ask ourselves: How is our mental attitude? In this age of so many easily accessible videos, series and movies: what are the things we looking at? Are the Netflix series we watch pleasing to God? And who do we associate with? Are the friends we hang out with defiling our hearts with filthy language? Are we letting ourselves be influenced by occult sources?  

Derek Prince (May-04-2020) Sermon: Don't Help People Who Are Not Willing To Change

Derek Prince (May-02-2020) Sermon: God's 3 Charges Against Humanity. Bible teacher Derek Prince, tells us about Gods charges against us as humanity. Why does God have to judge the world? Derek Prince derives, from a Bible study of Isaiah, three reasons for God's judgment: We've transgressed the law, broken the ordinances and broken the everlasting Covenant. What are God's ordinances? And what will be God's response? It turns out, even the Lamb will get angry...

Derek Prince (May-01-2020) Sermon: How To Respond To The Shaking Of All Things? This is the second Derek Prince sermon on the theme 'I Will Shake All Things'. In this second part, Derek Prince answers the question: How should we respond when God is shaking everything? In this Bible study, Derek teaches from 2 Peter 3.

Derek Prince (April-30-2020) Sermon: The Cause For The Breakup Of Families.

Nowadays we see many family problems. Derek Prince says: there is no such thing as a juvenile delinquent. The parents, the society, is delinquent. What will the impact of this be on society?

'Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.'
Bible teacher Derek Prince confronts us all with this message: not only material things, not only governments and institutions, but also families will be shaken. Has this breakup of families already begun?