CONTINUE WITH PERSONAL PRAYER - Daily Devotional (January-15-2022)

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Saturday, 15 January 2022 06:05

Daily Devotional (January-15-2022) CONTINUE WITH PERSONAL PRAYER

Scripture Reference: Colossians 4:2 - "Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving"

Personal prayer is a must and all must endeavor to buy into it. Prayer has become a battle between your soul and spirit. Everybody prays! Muslims pray, Christians pray, etc. So prayer is not something new but it is unique and is an advantage for Christians. Personal prayer instills a form of discipline and spirituality in a person. There is a reason why God is asking you to continue in it.

Prayer is work because it requires our full self and time. Prayer is our attention to God and to attract His attention. It is a give away to receive from. Prayer is not by force, it is optional to them who does not need God. Your body calls for your attention when you want to pray. Prayer is an opportunity to bring God's power into display.

Learn to discipline your flesh and your senses under the obedience of your spirit. Without discipline one can't pray and if you can't pray you can't fulfill much in life. Prayer is spiritual and it needs spiritual mindset.

It took Jesus three hours to pray and in a fraction of a second to cast out devils and heal the sick. Prayer is a time which needs you to sacrifice. God needs you to allow Him to visit your family this year to put things in their rightful place.

We pray God into impossible situations and we pray God into situations like sickness and to allow His power in us to manifest.

Prayer is not by force to the world but it is a necessity to bring God in to situations. If you are being forced to pray then you have not begin life yet! You are still a child if you can't pray for just an hour. You are not ready for that next level if you can't pray for an hour.

You are not ready to marry if you can't stand and pray for an hour because what good can you do for that man or woman? Get a prayer life different from the cooperate prayer. I understand that cooperate prayer is also important but there is none like individual prayer which builds your relationship with the Spirit of God.

PRAYER - Thank you Jesus for this gift of grace called prayer which is growing in the members of my soul and spirit. Everyday I'm burning for Jesus and bringing nations to God and raining righteousness on men in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.


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CONTINUE WITH PERSONAL PRAYER - Daily Devotional (January-15-2022)
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