THE FINAL THING - Daily Devotional (October-25-2021)

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Monday, 25 October 2021 01:53

Daily Devotional (October-25-2021) THE FINAL THING. 

Scripture Reference: Ephesians 6:10 – 11 EasyEnglish - “The last thing that I want to say to you is this. Be strong by the Lord’s great power, because you are united with him. Put on the whole armour that God gives to us. So then you will continue to be strong against all the clever ways by which the Devil attacks us.”

The armor of God is so needed that we can’t survive without it as christians. We see Apostle Paul telling us that we should be strong, we should take advantage of the great power of God which is in Christ Jesus, because we are united with Him. He is telling us to take advantage of the grace which is made available in our union with Jesus. If you don’t know and understand let me tell you; you’re united with God if you are born again. The unity brings out the power for Change. This means that you share in the same life with Him; you all feed from the same source.

Why does he calls it the final thing? Because the last thing as a christian is that having gone through all those challenges that the devil brings against you: whether your past victory, past glory and even the level you are walking in now, you have to continue standing strong in faith. Open your eyes and never live in the past. Don’t live in your past failures or your past glory in anyway. Having done all you have to stand and prove your ministry (not your church). Your ministry is not your going to church rather it is what goes on after going to church or your service to God outside church.

We are told to finally be strong in the Lord, relying on His mighty strength. So there is a mighty strength in Jesus Christ. There is strength in the Word of God. Apostle Paul is telling us to rely on that strength.

If you want to survive at the end in this world, you need the Word of God, you need the Gospel which is the Great Power of God. The Word of God is key, the Word of God is the solution, the Word of God is the wisdom and the revelation to resist the enemy and stand. The Word of God will protect you. Take refuge in the Word that will never move nor fail.

Never forget to always meditate on the Word of God, because as you do it you constantly draw strength and power from Him.

Prayer - Thank you Father, for the power of your Word which is my light and salvation. My spirit is enriched in the beauty of grace and my life is hidden with Christ in God. The Word is my strength and courage to resist and to remain standing in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

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THE FINAL THING - Daily Devotional (October-25-2021)
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