Worship Him - Christian Daily Devotional (February-06-2023)

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Monday, 06 February 2023 14:37

Christian Daily Devotional (February-06-2023) Worship Him.

Scripture Reference: “Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.” - Psalms 29:2 (NLT)

We were made to worship God. I have not met many people who had a hard time grasping that we, as humans, are finite. There are hundreds of reminders every day that let us know that we have not arrived at perfection. Yet in all our finiteness there is something in us that yearns to connect to the divine. There is a part of us that wants to know that there is more than this life of human frailty and a fatalistic outlook.

We desire to know that there is a plan and a master creator behind the plan. David knew this and invites us to participate in the secret to life. David bids us to come and worship God in the splendor of His Holiness. What is so ironic is that God’s Holiness, in its purest form, is unknowable by human understanding.

God’s Holiness is the attribute that makes Him transcendent and separate from all else. His wisdom, knowledge, power, love and purity are far above our comprehension.

That is why it must be understood in worship. And so we worship; that is we come to God with a reverent honor and adoring reverence and know with our spirit what we cannot always know with our mind. God, in His love, allows us to love and adore Him, and when we do, we see that worshipping Him in His Holiness is indeed splendor. Come today and tell God how much you love Him. Let yourself adore  and honor Him.

Prayer: My Lord and my God. How majestic You are. How I honor You. How I adore You. How far above my ways are Your ways. Though I cannot begin to understand the depths of who You are, I worship You today in the splendor of Your Holiness. In Jesus’ name I come and worship You, almighty God. AMEN

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Worship Him - Christian Daily Devotional (February-06-2023)
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