Dutch Sheets - Daily Prayer | Give Him 15

Dutch Sheets (January 27 2023) Watch Daily Prayer: Christ Took Our Curse | Give Him 15 - Daily Devotional

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Dutch Sheets - Daily Prayer | Give Him 15

Daily Prayers and Messages BY DUTCH SHEET 2023

One of the best ways to accepting a man of God and his calling is to know and understand his vision, mission and the message God Almighty has given to him. And the best way to know all these things is to see his heart in the sermons he delivers. God Almighty is still and will continue to speak to us through His servants by the Messages they preach to us.

Dutch Sheet is a well recognized international labourer of the kingdom of God. Many in some countries call him the voice of Hope and that is because, they find hope in his sermons and teachings. As a gifted teacher, Pastor, and conference speaker. He travels extensively, challenging believers for passionate prayer and societal reformation. Seeing America and the entire world experience a sweeping revival and return to its Godly heritage is Dutch’s greatest passion. He is a messenger of hope for America the world, encouraging believers to contend for awakening. And Dutch Sheet’s sermons are the heart of his passion and calling.


Have you heard of the Dutch Sheet Give him 15? You may have heard it but what is it all about? It is a prophetic call to all nations to give God fifteen minutes a day in prayer as our continual “appeal to heaven.” Even as you give God 15 minutes of everyday, Dutch Sheet makes it possible to have access to his sermons right online for easy streaming. You can stream sermon by Dutch sheet, program and activities by Dutch Sheet ministries for free at the Dutch Sheet official YouTube channel where you can stream video sermons for free.

You can also stream live from Dutch Sheet official websites for latest sermons by Dutch Sheet. Sermons-online.org also provides you the opportunity to stream sermons by Dutch, watch live programs, watch videos sermons, audio sermons and even partake in the Dutch Sheet give Him 15. As we bring all this for you to stream live at your home online, you are able to even join Dutch Sheet daily Prayers right at your home. With respect to the Command of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dutch Sheet ministries is making everything possible to promote the Gospel and to spread it to the outermost parts of this world.

About Give Him 15 by Dutch Sheets

Born out of patronage at the Dutch Sheets Ministries, Julie Meyer sang, "Will you give me fifteen?" as a prophetic cry from the heart of God concerning this people. This is a mandate for the Dutch and American mediators. Give Him 15 calls from believers to devote fifteen minutes a day to prayer as our constant "appeal to heaven."


This is one of the reasons sermons-online.org was created. Sometime, we seek and seek for answers but gets nothing in return. Dutch Sheet's sermons is awakening the world again to the hope of Salvations. With Dutch Sheet ministries is teaching and raising the standards of Men to that of the standards of God Almighty. As a voice of hope, the sermons by Dutch Sheet is cause spiritual growth, breakthrough, deliverance from addictions and restoration of stolen glory. May lives are save both online and physically as a result of having an encounter with the sermons by Dutch Sheet. 

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