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Watch Frank Turek - What they never told you about Jesus calming the storm - ISRAEL UPDATE.
Watch Frank Turek - Can reason and faith coexist? If your faith is based on reason, then couldn’t someone reason you out of it? There’s actually a much bigger threat to our faith today that most people don’t like to talk about it, and it doesn’t have anything to do…
Frank Turek - Capernaum: The 4 Ways Jesus proved to be our Savior.
Watch Frank Turek - What is the best argument for Atheism? Do atheists just complain about how God runs the universe, or do they have valid arguments? The answer Frank gives in this video may surprise you. Check it out!
Watch Frank Turek - Is it possible to honor God and keep a job? When your workplace asks you to do something that goes against your Christian values, what’s the best way to respond? See Frank’s answer in this clip from our online course, 'Jesus vs. The Culture.'
Frank Turek - Will I go to Hell if I have sex before marriage? What’s so wrong with having sex before marriage? It’s the cultural norm, right? In this video, Frank addresses that question from a totally different perspective. Check it out!
Watch Frank Turek - Atheist accuses Frank of using God of the gaps! People used to believe that lightning was caused directly by God. So, if we continue researching, will we eventually find natural causes for everything in the universe? That’s the question Frank tackles in this video. Watch and…
Watch Frank Turek - Should YOU doubt your deepest moral intuitions? Jon Steingard, the former lead singer of the Christian rock group Hawk Nelson, says that he’s no longer a Christian. In this video, he and Frank discuss whether or not harming children is objectively wrong. Will Jon finally concede?…
Watch Frank Turek - Was Jesus a Lunatic for loving people? Jesus taught us to love our enemies. But isn’t that a little crazy? The answer comes down to one simple thing. What is it? See Frank’s answer in this clip from our online course, 'Jesus vs. The Culture.'
Watch Frank Turek - Should a Christian serve in the military? Is it possible to maintain your Christian values while serving in the military or police force? Isn’t that promoting violence? Frank gives his answer here!
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