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Can you explain the Gospel? - Frank Turek, Jack Hibbs | January-17-2022. We live in a world where we have lost the art of asking questions. Often, we don’t engage with people to learn and listen, but instead, we accept what people say or we are on the defensive and want to prove our point. What better way to learn about someone than to ask questions! What should you ask someone when they say, “Sure, I believe in God.”? Check out what Pastor Jack Hibbs suggests!

Can the last supper tell us when the crucifixion happened? - Frank Turek, Mike Licona | January-10-2022. Dr. Mike Licona gives a succinct explanation to support his belief of when the crucifixion happened. What day was it? Does he think the Last Supper was a Passover meal? Some may not agree with his interpretation, but what we do know is that after the Last Supper, Jesus was crucified.

Should we read books that are not part of the Bible? - Frank Turek January-03-2022.

The BIG difference between the disciples and other martyrs - Frank Turek, Mike Licona (December-27-2021). Obviously, no one alive today witnessed the resurrected Christ, so how can we trust that Christ was resurrected? The disciples saw this, they knew Christ, they lived beside Him. It makes no sense that the disciples would suffer and die to perpetuate a lie of a resurrected Christ. Of course, we can believe wrongly in something and die for it, but who is going to die for what they know to be a lie? Check out the discussion Dr. Mike Licona and Frank had regarding the differences between Jesus’ disciples and other religious martyrs. 

Resurrection historian unearths historic platinum! - Frank Turek (December-13-2021). Wow! When listening to the amazing evidence that Dr. Mike Licona shares, it is amazing that people can still reject the early writings of the New Testament. However, anyone who fairly evaluates the proof knows that the New Testament writings are early and reliable. Check out this video to learn what Dr. Licona calls “historic platinum!”

Watch Frank Turek - What does the Bible say about female pastors? What a question! The topic of female pastors can be a divisive issue, but it ought not to be. What God’s Word seems to be saying is that women can have all but one role in the church. However, this does not mean women are inferior to men. Women and men are equal and perform best with their different functions and roles. Listen to Frank’s explanation here. 

Frank Turek - Watch Message: THE VERSE that ends the debate on POLYGAMY. The argument for polygamy is shattered with one verse. Which verse? You’ll have to watch Frank’s exchange with a gentleman who is looking for advice when talking to his friend, a Hebrew-Israelite. Frank also points out that the Bible describes many things, but that doesn’t mean that God approves of them all. We need to remember that descriptions are not prescriptions.

Watch Frank Turek - This is why the church allowed same-sex marriage.  If you think the LGBTQ forced their way to get same-sex marriage, you’d be wrong. The Church paved the way for them when it forgot what the purpose of marriage was. Watch as Frank explains the lie we’ve bought into.

Frank Turek (November-22-2021) Watch Message: Should we attend a wedding for people already living together? Living together before marriage is a common practice today. In fact, according to Pew Research, 78% of those aged 18-29 believe it is fine for couples to live together, even if the couple does not plan to get married. As Christians, what are we to do when our co-habiting friends do decide to finally get married? If you go to the wedding, are you supporting their sin? Frank’s answer may surprise you.

Frank Turek (November-04-2021) Watch Sermon: I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. LIVE from Northwest Missouri State University

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