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Frank Turek - Why would God punish me for desires he gave me? If God created us with sexual desires, why is it considered a sin to act upon them? That doesn’t seem fair! Shouldn’t we always follow our feelings? In this video, Franks explains the one thing we all need to remember when it comes to following the desires of our hearts. Check it out!

Watch Frank Turek - Frank calls out the American church!  A student asks Frank what Christians can do to help America become a more God-fearing country. His response might ruffle a few feathers. You’ll definitely want to share this with your pastor, church group, family, and friends!

Does God exist to build your kingdom? - Frank Turek

Ray Comfort and Frank Turek - Is the Law enough to convict your heart? Ray Comfort is perhaps best known for his street evangelism. Using clear and direct questions, Ray can get to the heart of why we need salvation quickly and coherently. Check out this video to see how.

Can new books be added to the Bible? - Frank Turek. Is the Canon officially closed, or can more books be added to the Bible if we stumble on new revelations? To answer that question, we first need to know what attributes the early church used to distinguish sacred texts from other writings. Frank breaks it all down for us in this video. Check it out!

Frank explains to an atheist that he can't reason in atheism! During a recent college visit, an atheist asks Frank what’s wrong with trusting a mind made from matter. There’s just one problem: if our minds are just molecules, then we have no grounds to believe anything is reliable since every thought would be at the mercy of our chemistry and not reason. However, it seems that this student is open to what Frank has to say, leading to a very cordial and insightful discussion!

Atheist and Frank Turek discuss the meaning of atheism! In an unusually amicable discussion, Frank is approached by an Atheist student to discuss what it really means to identify as an "atheist" and "Christian" these days. Plus, in a moment of refreshing honesty, this student admits that choosing to follow Christ would not be a matter of proving it all to be true, but whether or not he agreed with its moral standards.

Watch Frank Turek - What happens to those who have never heard of Christ? Many wonder what happens to those who have never heard of Christ. Would they have any chance of Salvation? How would these people be judged?

Should Christians legislate transgender surgery in a free country? - Frank Turek. It’s a free country, so is there any reason why we should legislate transgender surgery for consenting adults? What about children? And what does the research say?

Watch Frank Turek - Finding God's will: not as hard as you think. Why is Western society so preoccupied with finding God’s will? Is it really that hard?

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