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Watch Frank Turek - If Jesus was good, then he is God. What made Jesus "good," and just because He was good, does that mean He's God? See how Frank answers those questions in this clip from our online course, 'Jesus vs. the Culture.'

Watch Frank Turek - Is it true that only religious people are against abortion? A viewer asks, “Why is it that only religious people say that abortion is wrong? It seems to me that they only care about the baby when it’s in the womb, and they could care less after the baby is born.” How will Frank respond? Check out this interview he did with our friend Melissa Dougherty to find out!

Watch Frank Turek - How do we know the Bible is true? What would you say if you only had a minute to answer the question, “Why do you think the Bible and Christianity are true?” See how Frank responds in this video with our friend Melissa Dougherty and then give it a try with some of your friends!

What do other religions say about Jesus? - Frank Turek. Why does every major world religion include Jesus in their teachings? Do we see this with any other religious figures or gods? See what Frank discovered during his research in this excerpt from the Jesus vs. the Culture online course.

Watch Frank Turek - In what sense is The Lord of the Rings a Christian work? People in the West may have heard the Christian story so much that its familiarity breeds a kind of apathy. So rather than speaking academically about the historicity of the New Testament or allegorically about Christ’s rising from the dead, Tolkien aims to make us FEEL that Christianity should be true. How? Watch this video with Frank and Greg Koukl to find out!

Watch Frank Turek - The difference between proof and persuasion with Jon Steingard. Jon Steingard, the former lead singer of the Christian rock group Hawk Nelson, says that he’s no longer a Christian. In this video, he and Frank discuss whether or not we can trust our own thinking in the absence of God. Check it out!

Never misinterpret the Bible again! - Frank Turek. The Bible is a large collection of ancient books that can be intimidating for people who want to read it but don’t know where to start. But don’t let that STOP you! In this video, Frank provides a helpful framework to help you go from simply reading the Bible to studying and understanding God’s Word on a deeper level. Give it a try!

Watch Frank Turek - Why do we worship everything but God? UNPOPULAR TRUTH: The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9). In this video, Frank explains why we all struggle with sin and are tempted to worship created things instead of the Creator. Take a listen and then learn more about what our culture gets wrong about love and the human heart in our Jesus vs. the Culture online course.

Watch Frank Turek -  Only dumb people believe in God... really? In this video with Melissa Dougherty, Frank refutes the statement: “Only dumb people believe in God because evolution explains how we got here.” Check it out!

Why someone's sacrifice is the greatest love story - Frank Turek. Self-sacrifice is the greatest proof of love. In this video, using popular movies as examples, Frank and Sean McDowell explain the difference between real love and fake love and how we can't escape the power of the greatest love story ever told: Jesus!

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