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Frank Turek - Watch Message: Nihilism and Mass Shootings

Watch Frank Turek - Can natural selection explain the origin of life? How does natural selection work? Is it a positive process of starting with something simple, and then making it more complex? Or is it a “use it or lose it” negative process, where something complex becomes simpler? Dr. Scott A. Minnich and Dr. Stephen Meyer offered some great insights on natural selection and how it fits into the bigger picture of the origin of life during a recent episode of the HOPE One Live Show. Check out this short clip, and then dig even deeper into the fascinating topic of intelligent design by watching the rest of the episode posted in the description below!

Watch Frank Turek - Does the Bible say atheists don't exist? If you refuse to acknowledge God’s existence does that mean YOU don’t exist? Romans 1:20 states that God is self-evident and those that don’t know God “are without excuse.” So, what does that mean for atheists? See Frank’s brutally honest explanation in this video, and then check out the full Q&A with Greg Koukl and Eric Hernandez from the [un]Apologetic Evangelism Conference when you’re done!

Watch Frank Turek - What is the best Darwinian objection to irreducible complexity? Irreducible complexity is the argument that certain biological systems (like a bacterial flagellar motor) cannot have evolved by successive small modifications to pre-existing functional systems through natural selection. In other words, certain biological systems are too complex to be products of evolution because the removal of any one part destroys the function of the entire system. Irreducible complexity is seen as a challenge to Darwinian evolution which remains the dominant model in the field of biology. In fact, in the 'Origin of Species' Charles Darwin wrote, "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down." Stephen C. Meyer is a former geophysicist who received his Ph.D. in the philosophy of science from the University of Cambridge. In this video, he explains some of the latest scientific research that has been done in response to the argument of irreducible complexity. Do Darwinists still have a leg to stand on? Watch and see!

Frank Turek - Watch Message: The Bible verses that sum up Harry Potter? Many Christians have criticized the Harry Potter series for glamorizing witchcraft. Even Pope Benedict XVI made an effort to condemn the books, and wrote that their “subtle seductions, which act unnoticed…deeply distort Christianity in the soul before it can grow properly.” However, in their new book ‘Hollywood Heroes: How Your Favorite Movies Reveal God’, Frank and his son Zach see things differently. In fact, it might surprise you to know that according to author J.K. Rowling, the entire Harry Potter series is summed up by two Bible verses found on tombstones in the story. Say what?! No, we’re not making this up. Check out this video with our friend Greg Koukl to see what Bible verses they are, and then grab a copy of ‘Hollywood Heroes’ to learn even more about the Christian themes found in YES…Harry Potter!

Watch Frank Turek Breaking news: Popular Christian endorses violent book, Christians often feel conflicted when it comes to watching violence or secular movies that seem to promote themes that are anti-Biblical. And what about allowing our children to watch movies with non-Christian themes, where do we draw the line? In this interview with Sean McDowell, Frank gives parents some practical tips on how they can use the secular world to teach kids valuable life lessons that point to the absolute truth of Christianity and the Bible. Watch and learn!

Watch Frank Turek - Talking with Paulogia: How can nature ground morality? How do atheists justify morality? If there is no God above Hitler and every other human, who says murder is wrong? In this video, Frank and counter-apologist Paul Ens from Paulogia bring their contrasting worldviews to the table to discuss the issue of whether or not it’s possible to find morality outside of God. What do YOU think? Check out the video and let us know!

Watch Frank Turek - How Your Favorite Movies Can Reveal the Gospel to the Lost and the Youth. Did you know that some of your favorite movies have godly messages to them? It's true. There is an underlying message that is consistent with the scriptures that, if we can discern, may possibly open the door for us to evangelize to the lost. Why? Because your neighbors, co-workers and friends are watching these movies. Being able to talk about them will allow you to make a natural connection with those around you and introduce the gospel message to them. In this exciting, and different, live stream I team up with my friend Frank Turek to discuss.

Batman and an Un-Savable World | ‘Hollywood Heroes!’ - Frank Turek. We can’t believe it…only ONE MORE DAY until the official release of ‘Hollywood Heroes!’ Speaking of Hollywood Heroes, did you know that Batman has been portrayed by more actors than any other superhero in modern times? Why is that? And what else makes Batman different from every other superhero?

What if only I exist. Say what? -  Frank Turek. Solipsism is the philosophical view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist. Yes, we're not making this up! (see what we did there??) It is considered an extreme form of skepticism and holds to the idea that YOU are the only conscious being in existence. In this video, Greg Koukl and Eric Hernandez explain that even though it can be hard to take this idea seriously, it's worth thinking about! Check it out and let us know who you think had the best solipsism joke--Greg, Frank, or Eric?

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