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Frank Turek (July-30-2021) Watch Podcast: The Scientific Way to Show God Exists + Q&A. The Hope One show is back and the topic is going to be great for our science lovers out there. God is the author of all science, so why not use it to prove His existence?…
Frank Turek (July-28-2021) God and the question of gratuitous evil. Does God allow evil things to happen with no purpose in mind, or does He have such an immense plan that extends far beyond what we see in the here and now? Frank responds to this tough question.
Frank Turek (July-23-2021) Watch Message: Has God Failed You?
Frank Turek (July-19-2021) Should Christians give away all of their things? Does loving your neighbor as yourself mean giving them everything you own? Did Jesus call for us to live in a socialistic society? Frank answers.
Frank Turek (July-17-2021) Watch Message: What if MY truth contradicts YOUR truth?
Where did Jesus go after He died? - Frank Turek (July-12-2021). Did Jesus go to paradise as he said to the thief on the cross next to Him, or did he minister to the dead in Hell? This is a tough question that theologians don’t all agree on. But we…
Frank Turek (July-07-2021) Watch Message: Christianity is the only answer to the problem of evil! The problem of evil doesn’t have to be answered by Christianity, it has to be answered by EVERY worldview. The difference, Christianity is the only worldview that offers a real solution.
I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist featuring Dr. Frank Turek (June-30-2021)
How the LGBTQ movement contradicts itself - Frank Turek (June-21-2021). Within the LGBTQ group, you have those who argue that gender is a sociological construct, that it isn’t fixed, but fluid. Then you have others who feel desperately trapped in a body that doesn’t match their perceived sense of gender.…
Frank Turek (June-19-2021) Watch Message: Is the Christian Left Hijacking the Church?
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