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From Utah Valley University (Orem, UT) - IDHEFTBAA - Frank Turek. Does truth exist? Does God exist? Are miracles possible? Is the New Testament True? Find out how the scientific, archeological, and historical evidence points to YES with Dr. Frank Turek streaming LIVE from Utah Valley University (Student Life &…

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Watch Cross Examined - Discovering the Pool Where Jesus Healed the Blind Man - ISRAEL UPDATE. The Pool of Siloam was built by King Hezekiah in the 8th century BC (2 Kings 20:20) and is the location in John 9 where Jesus sent the blind man to wash up after…
Watch Cross Examined - Can we create art in the image of Jesus? A gentleman says that division is happening in his church over a stained-glass window of Jesus in their lobby and other artwork. Are these graven images that violate the second commandment (2CV) and need to be removed?
Watch Frank Turek - How do we know who wrote the Gospels? Skeptics say, “We don’t know who wrote the Gospels.” But is that really true? Listen and learn as Frank outlines 5 reasons why we have very good external evidence that the four gospel accounts were written by the…
Watch Frank Turek - Why are you praying to saints? Why do some denominations pray to saints or use priests as mediators to get closer to God? Is it necessary or even Biblical? Frank’s answer might surprise you. Be sure to watch until the very end!
7 Factors in Interpreting Revelation: from Armageddon. ISRAEL UPDATE - Frank Turek Ministries
Was Jesus a mushroom? - Frank Turek. Is it possible that the most influential person in human history was really just a mushroom? No, we’re not making this up! Check this out!
Messages by Frank Turek
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