Messages by Frank Turek and Cross Examined 2023

Watch Cross Examined - What you didn't know about "gender-affirming care". Is “gender-affirming care” really the best and safest thing for children? Frank gives it a hard NO, and, in this video, he explains why!

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Watch Frank Turek - Finding God's will: not as hard as you think. Why is Western society so preoccupied with finding God’s will? Is it really that hard?
Watch Cross Examined - Biologist confronts Frank on gender theory. A biologist challenges Frank at Louisiana State University on the scientific definition of a man and a woman. Will they come to a mutual agreement?
Is there a difference between gender and our biological sex? - Cross Examined Frank Turek. Is gender defined by biology or our state of mind? And how do these definitions impact the world that we live in today? See how Frank responds during a recent Q&A session at Louisiana State…
What motivates a Calvinist to do apologetics? - Cross Examined Frank Turek. Does God totally override the free will of human beings? If that’s the case, then why even do apologetics? And wouldn’t that make God the author of evil? In this video with Dr. Leighton Flowers of Soteriology 101,…
Cross Examined Frank Turek - Can you summarize the Bible's story in one word?
How does Calvinism affect apologetics? - Cross Examined Frank Turek. Does it really matter what you believe about free will, predestination, and Calvinism when you’re doing apologetics?
Messages by Frank Turek and Cross Examined 2023
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