Messages by Frank Turek and Cross Examined 2023

God and Laws of Logic, March 26, 2018 - Frank Turek. Having a short discussion about the existence of God and the laws of logic.

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Frank Turek (23-03-2018) Who Created God? Answering to the most common objection against the existence of God.
Frank Turek (22-03-2018) The Challenge Of Religious Diversity. Why think that Christian particularism is untenable in the face of religious diversity?
Frank Turek - Can a Saved Person Totally Abandon the Faith? (21-03-2018). What about Christians who become atheists or adopt another religion?
What Happens To Babies Who Die? March 20, 2018 - Frank Turek. Where do babies go if they die? Do they go to Heaven or Hell?
Frank Turek (19-03-2018) - LIVE from Vanderbilt University. I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist LIVE
Frank Turek (19-03-2018) The Problem of God And Childs With Cancer. Is there a contradiction between childs with cancer and the existence of God? Watch my answer to this objection.
Messages by Frank Turek and Cross Examined 2023
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