Messages by Frank Turek and Cross Examined 2023

Frank Turek - Watch Message: Do miracles go against logic? David Hume, a Scottish Enlightenment philosopher, said that miracles are a violation of natural laws. Is this true? Find out what Frank has to say about it in this video!

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Watch Frank Turek - Can We Create a Turning Point? | with Charlie Kirk
How can we know when an event is a miracle? - Frank Turek. Do miracles need a miracle worker? How do we distinguish a miracle from other unusual events? How are miracles different from anomalies? These are all very important questions that Frank addresses here in less than 5 minutes.
Watch Frank Turek - How to handle people who disagree with you. How does Frank always manage to stay so calm and patient, especially when those who disagree with him start to get hostile or argumentative during Q&A sessions? In this video, he shares his secret for always staying calm…
Watch Frank Turek - How does Intelligent design explain deadly bacteria? If we have all this wonderful evidence of design in life (think DNA and butterflies), then what about the stuff that’s not so “nice” (think bacteria and viruses) that also looks designed but is harmful to humans? Dr. Stephen…
Dr. Frank Turek & Dr. Chip Bennett - Watch Sermon: Ask Me Anything. Dr. Chip Bennett and Dr. Frank Turek will be taking your questions in an "Ask Me Anything".
Watch Frank Turek - Can you have a zeal for God and still not be saved? In Romans 10:2, Paul recognizes that Israel has a zeal for God, but it is zeal not according to knowledge. Ironically, this is a perfect description of Paul himself before his conversion. Saul of…
Messages by Frank Turek and Cross Examined 2023
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