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Praying With Fire for the Nations - Gloria Copeland

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Praying With Fire for the Nations - Gloria Copeland

Gloria Copeland Sunday Praying With Fire for the Nations (28-Jan-2018). You can change the world in your living room by releasing the firepower of prayer! Watch Gloria Copeland and Billye Brim on Believer’s Voice of Victory as they share how you are called as an intercessor for the nations, just as Jesus intercedes for you. He has promised to deliver them if we continue praying with fire for the nations!

Welcome to the Believer's Voice of Victory. Today Gloria Copeland And Billye Brim instruct you to be praying God's will for the nations. Wherever you live on this planet earth, as a believer, you are commissioned to pray for your nation. GLORIA: Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Believer's Voice of Victory. Hallelujah. Billye's back, Billye Brim, from Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks. And she's going to share some things with us that are very, very vital in our days. And we're glad to have you, Billye. BILLYE: Thank you, Gloria. I just love being here with you. GLORIA: We love you coming. BILLYE: Mm-hmm. I'm glad you're my GLORIA: Just come any time. BILLYE: dear friend, bless the Lord. GLORIA: I am your dear friend, and you are my dear friend.

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