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Jerry Savelle sermon Redeemed and Restored, Part 1 online

In this study, I believe you are going to receive divine revelation on what it means to be redeemed and restored. No matter what you are going through God has a path for success. Once you call upon the Lord and put your faith and trust in him your breakthrough is on its way. Get read for things to change suddenly!


David Wilkerson sermon Speak To The Mountain online

David Wilkerson - Speak To The Mountain - Amazing Inspirational
Some months after 9/11, a New York City newspaper ran this headline: “CITY OF JITTERS.” The Department of Homeland Security had warned that a planned terrorist strike had been uncovered, and the terror alert had been raised to code orange.
That same day, a New...

Mark Hankins sermon  Joy the Serious Business of Heaven Part 2 online



Joyce Meyer sermon A Quick Prayer for When You Feel Stressed online


Creflo Dollar sermon Your World with Creflo: Exposing the Dark Side Part 2 online

The search for the supernatural power is not new. People have been experiencing the occult and darkness for generations. What’s alarming is how accepting these practices have become. This disturbing trend of looking into the dark side is so popular, it is threatening our children. In fact, 73% of America’s youth has engaged in some sort of psy...

Andrew Wommack sermon The Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Week 1, Day 1 -The Gospel Truth online

In this series Andrew Wommack explains from the Bible what the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is and how you can receive it!



Andrew Wommack sermon The Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Week 1, Day 2 -The Gospel Truth online



Joyce Meyer sermon Quitting Is Not an Option online


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