Sermons by Jack Hibbs 2022

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Jack Hibbs (September-25-2022) Futures: What Happens Next . As you look at what’s going on in the world around you, you might be asking “What’s next in God’s story?” The Bible is full of God’s promises, including things that are yet to come. How can you know these promises &…
Watch Jack Hibbs - The Book of Revelation and Trains. The LORD has given us Bible prophecy so that we might be able to see what is not yet visible. We are closer today to the coming of Jesus than we ever have been. But are you discerning the signs…
Jack Hibbs' Sermon: The Cure For Unbelief - Part 3 (Hebrews 4:11-13). Join us in the book of Hebrews. There is only one real faith according to the Scriptures and it is an active, practical and engaging faith – It’s a lively faith. Watch as Pastor Jack teaches from the…
Watch Jack Hibbs' Wednesday Night Bible Study 2022. Join us for a special message
Jack Hibbs (September-21-2022) The Parable of The Lost Sheep - Part 2. When Jesus Christ taught the Word, He not only spoke it, He also painted it into the minds of His listeners with vibrant, relative illustrations called "parables." This parabolic method of teaching was an amazing way to communicate…
Jack Hibbs - Watch Sermon: The Original Sinner. Each of us has inherited the sinful nature of our first ancestor, Adam. We’re prone to make bad choices, just like he did. Can we overcome this natural tendency to sin? Only through the power of the Holy Spirit!
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Sermons by Jack Hibbs 2022


You may not have known who Pastor Jack Hibbs is. To clear all doubts, I will tell you who He is and His impact in society following His sacrifice of faithfulness to the Almighty God. Pastor Jack Hibbs is one of God’s generals in our present time and is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills located in Southern California. Jack began Calvary Chapel as a home fellowship church plant from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and today, with God’s blessing, the church ministers to thousands each week through live studies and world-wide radio and internet broadcasts. Jack has a great passion for the prophetic study of the Bible, youth outreaches and the expositional teaching of God’s word and to date the church has seen over one thousand people go out into the foreign field to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Jack and his wife Lisa reside in Southern California with their two daughters (according to their official website). God almighty created us for a purpose of which we as worshippers must fulfil before our time on earth is due. Pastor Jack Hibbs is already making marks on earth by leading thousands of people on the way of truth.


There is a saying that “ when the value of a thing is unknown abuse is inevitable”. Even in the days of Jesus Christ , things like this existed already. Because they knew not who Jesus Christ was, they ended up receiving nothing. To be known is not a matter to consider but to be heard and taken seriously even in the most complicated true is what we need. Pastor Jack Hinbs messages today is going beyond the American continent and is reach out to billions in the world. The sermons and teaching by Pastor Jack Hibbs have also taken the position in the world and is continuing to change lives and making an impact in society. Billions of people all over the world are streaming , watching and listening to the powerful sermons by Pastor Jack Hibbs. Everyday, billions of people testify of the goodness of God in their life through the sermons delivered by the anointed man of God. Some people may be asking where to find the sermons by pastor Jack Hibbs.

Well we are right here to help you. is one of God’s means of spreading his good news to the outmost parts of the world and we are here to help you. At, we bring you every single sermon, teaching, service and program by Pastor Jack Hibbs to you online for free streaming. Join as now and watch or listen to every single sermon by Pastor Jack Hibbs by streaming live.


Many must have being asking this same question. Well, There is no growth in Christ without watching the activities of the Spirit of God. You must watch, listen and read sermons, devotions and Christian related articles for your growth. Pastor Jack’s straightforward, truthful, and insightful teaching style will help you come into a greater understanding of God’s Word and also help you have a right standing with God Almighty.

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