Sermons by Jack Hibbs 2023

Jack Hibbs - Watch Sermon: Are You Ready? In today's podcast, Pastor Jack discusses how to get ready for the Rapture and why that's important for you to do. Since the Rapture could happen at any moment, how should that affect a Christian’s outlook on life?

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Jack Hibbs - Watch Short Message: As The End Draws Nearer
Watch Jack Hibbs' Wednesday Night Bible Study May-24-2023. Join us for a special message: (Wednesday Midweek Service)
Jack Hibbs (May-24-2023) The Parable of the Two Gates & Two Ways - Part 1 . When Jesus Christ taught the Word, He not only spoke it, He also painted it into the minds of His listeners with vibrant, relative illustrations called "parables." This parabolic method of teaching was an…
Jack Hibbs - Watch Sermon: Heaven - Will You Be Going There? Take a look around. It’s very evident that in creation there is intentional design. This natural witness is evidence of the Creator – your creator – who dwells in heaven and invites you to join Him there. The…
Jack Hibbs - Watch Sermon: The Invisible Fight. The inward pull toward disobedience and the outward pull of temptation are both working to bring you down, Christian. The fight is invisible on both fronts, but the struggle is real. With God’s help, you can overcome!
Jack Hibbs - Sermon: An Introduction to Hebrews: The Knowable God. Pastor Jack begins our study in the Book of Hebrews where we will learn how Christ is the Great High Priest, how He makes intercession for us, how His sacrifice was once and for all, and so much more!
Sermons by Jack Hibbs 2023
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