Sermons by John K. Jenkins, Sr. 2023

 Watch Sunday Service with John K. Jenkins Sr at FBCG March-19 2023 Today, members of the First Baptist Church of Glendale gathered to join John K. Jenkins Sr. in a powerful Sunday Service. John K. Jenkins Sr., a long-time leader of the church, led a service of prayer, music, and…

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John K. Jenkins Sr. - Watch Sermon: A Cause & A Cure for Depression. The devil wants you to be afraid. Fear is not an attribute of God. The enemy is defeated when you are obedient to what God wants you to do.
Watch John K. Jenkins Sr. - "The Conversation: Evangelism". Pastor Jenkins engages in a candid, authentic conversation surrounding the theme of evangelism.
John K. Jenkins Sr. - Watch Sermon: The Body of Christ Series - Part 1 (The Purpose of the Gifts).
Watch Night Of Prayer & Praise Service with John K. Jenkins Sr (February 28 2023).
John K. Jenkins Sr. - Watch Sermon: Recognizing the Season of Transition. Where God gives vision, He gives provision. Many of us are so filled up with the world that we can’t hear from God. The last thing you want to do in life is to miss being where God…
John K. Jenkins Sr. - Watch Sermon: Tips for Conversion that Build Friendships and Spiritual Influence. God has done something in your life that you know was nobody but Him! Be prepared to share your story.
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Sermons by John K. Jenkins, Sr. 2023

Sermons by John K. Jenkins 2023

John K. Jenkins is an American minister and theologian who is known for his powerful sermons. He has given sermons all over the world, and his sermons are characterized by their spiritual depth, insightful messages, and passionate delivery.

Jenkins was born in Georgia and grew up in a rural town. As a young man, he was inspired to pursue a career in ministry after hearing a sermon by a prominent pastor in his community. After completing his formal education, he served in various churches throughout the United States, eventually settling in Washington DC.

In his sermons, Jenkins often draws upon his life experiences, drawing connections between the Bible and everyday life. He uses stories of his own growth and transformation to illustrate how individuals can grow in faith and knowledge. He also frequently references the spiritual technology of meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices in order to help people deepen their relationship with God.

Jenkins encourages his listeners to be active participants in the world around them. He speaks from the perspective of a minister, but he also encourages his audience to think critically about the issues in their lives and the world. He has a deep understanding of the power of faith, and he encourages his listeners to be mindful of their spiritual intentions and to take action when necessary.

He has written several books, including “The Journey: A Spiritual Roadmap for the Soul.” In this book, Jenkins offers a guide to spiritual growth and transformation, emphasizing the importance of intentional and mindful living. He also speaks about his spiritual journey and the deeper meanings behind his sermons.

John K. Jenkins’ powerful sermons are filled with reflection and insight, and they offer listeners practical guidance on how to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. His sermons can be found on his website and YouTube channel.

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