Sermons by Jentezen Franklin 2023

Three Steps To Victory - Jentezen Franklin Sunday Sermon. This is "Three Steps to Victory." The people of Laish dealt with no one. They left the people of God and modeled themselves after the Sidonians, wicked people. But the people of God do not model themselves after wicked people. Be…

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Jentezen Franklin Watch Sermon: Out Numbered, Out Resourced, and Out of Options. This is "Out Numbered, Out Resourced, and Out of Options". We live in a world of choices. We’re used to having options with just about everything from the brand of cereal we buy, to the color of our…
Jentezen Franklin (January-27-2023) Daily Devotional: Seek God for direction. “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Pr 16:3 NIV As a follower of Jesus Christ, your direction shouldn’t come from people and be confirmed by God, it should come from God and be confirmed…
Jentezen Franklin (Watch Message: What Happens When You Pray Bold Prayers. God wants us to pray great prayers. Believe for the big things and draw a prayer circle and put your needs in it. Then keep circling prayer around every need you have.
Do You Need Healing? - Jentezen Franklin. This is "Do You Need Healing?." God rules the earth through laws, and His promises are spiritual laws to live by. God gives you a seed of promise, and everything you have been promised is in that seed.
JOIN Free Chapel Sunday Service at 9 AM with Jentezen Franklin, Live Stream January-29-2023 They say the truth is always bitter but its fruit are sweeter. As much as it can be bitter to hear the truth, it is just so glorious to have peace with God. Everything that is…
JOIN Free Chapel Sunday Service at 11 AM with Jentezen Franklin, Live Stream January-29-2023 . Did you know that it is never too late to come to God and there is no right time for worship? Welcome to the Sunday service live stream with Jentezen Franklin at 11 AM. Free…
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Sermons by Jentezen Franklin 2023

Sermons by Jentezen Franklin 2023

Jentezen Franklin not only founded the Free Chapel Church (Georgia) but has also launched his own program. Throughout the pastoral career, his popularity was gradually increasing. In addition to the fact that Jentezen Franklin studies Bible, he writes books. He has already published more than 10 bestsellers, the list of which will be replenished in the future.

During Jentezen Franklin latest sermons, he addresses important topics. Jentezen Franklin pastor is the unofficial adviser to the US president, Donald Trump. The pastor’s sermons are watched by 2.3 billion followers. You can find Jentezen Franklin videos on our channel.

 What is J. Franklin famous for?

Jentezen Franklin sermons and large printing runs are not the only pastor’s achievements. His church is releasing a special television program, The Union of the Kingdom. The video is broadcasted in 200 countries and helps believers listen to the Jentezen Franklin prayer.

Within his activities, the pastor unites people through the following programs:

  1. Prayer for new followers. The salvation of humanity through God's Word is one of the main topics of Jentezen Franklin preacher. Worshiping and following His Laws will allow us to free ourselves from the burden. Those who have recently accepted the faith in Jesus Christ can seek guidance.
  2. Help unprotected social groups. The Jentezen Franklin website focuses on the need to help such people. The resources of the church are limited, so not all its plans can be implemented. But it is worth doing what you can.
  3. Conducting conferences. Over the years, Jentezen Franklin ministries have three annual meetings. The main topics remain unchanged. In addition to Jentezen Franklin recent sermon, guests have an opportunity to listen to other famous speakers.

Recordings of live broadcasts from conferences and sermons can be found on our website. Those who want to join the Jentezen Franklin church get unlimited access to all materials. The preacher says that one’s most important task is to resist temptations. Healing and salvation awaits those who are responsible for their actions. This is what the Jentezen Franklin video sermons remind us of.

Particular attention is paid to relations within family. Jentezen Franklin new sermons addresses the issue of raising children, maintaining favourable home environment, and discusses ways in which you can honour your parents. The difficulties we face in everyday life only bring us closer to the grace of Lord.

Despite the recent calamity, Jentezen Franklin online sermons continue. In the latest issue, the preacher shared his teachings in an empty hall. The main Jentezen Franklin message today is the importance of following the recommendations of the healthcare system. Cancellation of church gatherings is not a barrier to faith.

Jentezen Franklin Bible studies allow everyone to recognize the positive moments of their life. After watching the sermons, the viewers can chat with like-minded people in the comment section. With the help of Jentezen Franklin sermons you will make new friends and become closer to God.

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