Jesse Duplantis Sunday Service 2022

JOIN Sunday Service with Jesse Duplantis, Live Stream (January-23-2022).

Did you know that you can now watch and stream live Sunday services by Jesse Duplantis online for free at your home? Did you know that you can now connect with billions of people online worldwide and make a difference every Sunday with Jesse Duplantis? Yes, you can do it. You...

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Jesse Duplantis Sunday Service 2022


Before Jesus Christ ascended up into Heaven, He commanded his disciples never to depart from Jerusalem until they be endued with power from above. And they shall be witness of him from Jerusalem to the outer most part of the world. Well, the witnesses of Our Lord Jesus Christ have grown mightily and is gradually taking up the world. Jesse Duplantis ministries is rooted and grounded in the sole command of our Lord Jesus Christ to preach the gospel to all creatures till the return of the soon coming King. By this, you can watch all live programs by Jesse Duplantis ministries for free in this website. Sunday services by Jesse Duplantis can be stream live in this website for free online. Every Sunday, we bring to you the sermons and teachings by Jesse Duplantis for free.

With Jesse Duplantis Sunday service live, you can watch, listen and study the word of God anywhere and anytime at your own comfort. And as you behold the Glory of God, your own life is changed from Glory to Glory and in Liberty, the goodness of God is proclaimed.

Do you know who Pastor Jesse Duplantis is? Well, He is a man who loves God is taking the gospel to another level. He is on a mission to make the gospel available to all in all parts of this world by bringing it right to you in live programs including the live church Sunday service with Jesse Duplantis.

God is waiting to breath upon you and to give you a new beginning but He can never do that until you make yourself available to be used. The live Sunday services with Jesse Duplantis has made a great impact even in countries that has being a resistant to the spreading of the word of God.


You may not have being the first person to ask this question. Within every question is the potential to make change and positive impact in lives. The sermons and teaching of the Pastor (Jesse Duplantis) is beyond human imagination as they are spirit filled. God Almighty is speaking every day to us by His Spirit through the man of God (Jesse Duolantis). People who have purposed in their hearts and have had an encounter with the live Sunday services with Jesse Duplantis have had their destinies change for good. With the Live Sunday services with Jesse Duplantis;

  • The Gospel is thought
  • The unsaved receive Salvation
  • Addictions are broken
  • The true Nature of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is revealed
  • And the Love of God is shared abroad.

We entreat every one of you to find time and stream live Sunday services with pastor Jesse Duplantis and your life will never be the same again.